Design a wind turbine blade for the given specification. show your design skills by producing maximum rpm and torque !!!


  • 2 -3 members per team.
  • A preliminary round will be conducted and 10 teams will be selected.
  • Material will be provided by the college to the participants and they have to design the hub and blades.
  • No outside material will be allowed.
  • There is no restriction for the number of blades to be used.
  • The time for preparation of the hub and blades is 1 hour.
  • The windmill tower and nacelle will be provided by college.
  • Teams will be judged on the speed of rotation and the torque.
  • The preliminary round will be open for 2 hours and will last for 20 minutes per team.
  • The final round will be conducted for 2 hours.


    • Participants should come in neat Formals (No Jeans and T-Shirts are allowed).
    • Usage of mobile phones are strictly prohibited inside the campus.
    • Each round marks will be evaluated for final result.
    • The decision of event coordinators/judges will be final.


  • VIKRAM - +91 96001 38290
  • BENJAMIN - +91 98419 48100