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  • A team should consist of 2-3 members.
  • The event consists of two rounds.
  • Prelims (technical round) will be conducted initially to screen the teams for the next round
  • Requisite tools for the event shall be provided.
  • Top 5 teams will be judged on machining skills
  • Evaluation will be based on machining time, accuracy and other parameters.
  • Participants shall be responsible for any tool breakage.


    • Participants should come in neat Formals (No Jeans and T-Shirts are allowed).
    • Usage of mobile phones are strictly prohibited inside the campus.
    • Each round marks will be evaluated for final result.
    • The decision of event coordinators/judges will be final.


  • Packia Antony Revanth - +91 99430 21704
  • Cyrus - +91 90034 61798
  • Beno Nixin - +91 90036 00168