FIFA ' 16

Your Goal is to block your opponent's


This is a gaming event where the gaming skills of engineers are tested. Participants will compete against each other to show their dominance in the court.


2 members per team

● Each match is an exhibition match.

● The tournament sequence will be set on the day of the event so as to accommodate all the teams.

● Every match is a knockout match.

● Each half will last for 4 minutes. Roughly 10 minutes per match. (May extend to twelve if the match is a draw).

● Teams are allotted based on the choice of the participants.

● The teams are final and cannot be changed.

● Some teams may get a by round and they will advance to the next round by default.

● For the first round the participants will be grouped in sets of four.

● From every group only two will move on to the next round.

● The groups are allotted based on lot system.

● All matches will be played on FIFA 16TM.

● Two consoles will simultaneously be used.

● If any team is not present at the time of the match the rival will be announced as the winner of that match by default.

● Any technical fault or error with the console or the joystick is to be reported immediately to the coordinators.

● Matches between the same clubs are also allowed.


  • Davis Antony - +91 95662 26102
  • Abishek Thilak J - +91 99628 30935