Mission of LLA

Liberty Launch Academy is dedicated to creating an engaging learning environment. We empower all to forge themselves into change agents in their community, humans of great character, and masters of knowledge.

Vision of LLA

Disrupting Education for Good

The word curriculum can mean different things to different people.

At Liberty Launch Academy, the word curriculum means the following:

  • Competencies that communicate the knowledge and skills students are expected to master

  • Resources, videos, and materials that are used to teach and assess the competencies

  • Demonstrations of knowledge and skills through assessments, performance tasks, and projects

Designing education with the end in mind

Data shows that colleges and employers are receiving high school graduates that are not ready for the real world. Most students are able to perform well on tests but are not able to solve novel real-world challenges. Students are able to recite an article but are lacking the application of the material.

The traditional school system was developed in the 1800s. Its main purpose was to create a workforce and compliant citizens. Today, the world requires all students to be more than this. It requires creativity, critical thinking, problem-solving, and many more attributes.

At Liberty Launch Academy we are tearing the structure down and building it back up with the student in mind. We are looking at data, anticipating future needs, and implementing policies to empower students to take ownership of their learning, today.

National Association of Colleges and Employers published an article on the fallacy of GPA and success: https://www.naceweb.org/talent-acquisition/candidate-selection/use-of-gpa-as-candidate-selection-tool-falls/

The data shared in this article demonstrates a trend in society wherein GPA is becoming less of a predictor of success. Students require a fuller representation of their entire educational experience than just a single number.

Each student at LLA will graduate ready to pursue their post-secondary goals.

The Launch Ready Graduate was designed with public input by community members in the Liberty Lake area.

The world requires more from students than a traditional education of isolated courses and memorized facts. The world demands that students can work in teams, advocate for themselves, demonstrate academic knowledge and more.

LLA will accomplish this goal by teaching the whole child: allowing students to have agency in their education and holding them accountable to high standards.

Resources Partners

Leap Innovations Personalized Learning Framework

CASEL Social Emotional Learning Framework


Providing non-GPA transcripts to get students into college

Brain-Science based classrooms. Kieran is on our board of directors

Character Based education that provides playbooks on how to teach.

Accrediting body for high school. We will be accredited within 3 years, before the first graduate.

Project-Based Learning resources and tools.

Educational research body that advocates for educational change at the national level.


Building 21 are the main consultants for Liberty Launch Academy. They are based on the East Coast and are recognized nationally for their stellar work in unlocking the potential of their students.