Changing Learning, Changing Lives

Have you ever wondered about the impact of using digital technology to support learning?

Schools, suppliers, policy makers and researchers have all grappled with this question for a long time, and despite the wide-ranging discussion, the thorny issue of impact is still one which the sector struggles to articulate.

Until now.

"PedTech is very simply about putting pedagogical intentions first, and the technology serving those intentions second." 

(Aubrey-Smith, 2022)

“No technology has an impact on learning on its own: success depends on how it is used”

 (Luckin et al., 2012)

The PedTech resource walkthrough 

This summary video introduces the PedTech resource and explains the rationale behind its creation.e

'The digital divide is no longer just about access to devices and connectivity. 

It’s now a direct reflection of the choices we make in our schools and classrooms.' 

Dr Fiona Aubrey-Smith (Founder of PedTech) P PedT 

Research Articles related to this topic:

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