VRHS Attendance

Permits to Leave during Midterms:

    • Students MUST turn in a signed parent note BEFORE school, in the cafeteria to leave after their midterms are completed
    • No emails/faxes/phone calls will be accepted
    • If a student leaves campus, they are not able to return to campus that day
    • Absences during midterms will affect Spring 2020 Final Exemptions
    • Midterms are Dec 17th-20th
    • Please see additional information below

Kara Yee


512.570.1855 (Phone)

512.570.1984 (Fax)

Attendance notes should include the student's:

    • Full Legal Name
    • ID Number
    • Grade
    • Date of Absence(s)
    • Reason for Absence(s)
    • Parent Signature (electronic signature accepted)
    • Parent Phone Number
    • Link to report an absence

Early Dismissal Procedure During Midterms

Due to the high volume of students leaving early during midterms, we will NOT be accepting emails, faxes, or phone calls for students to leave campus early Tuesday, December 17th-Friday, December 20th. Any students needing to leave early will need to bring a signed note from their parent/guardian to the Cafeteria, before school starts, to get their permit to leave.

If a parent/guardian note is not received before school begins, a parent/guardian will be required to come to the main office, show photo ID, and sign the student out. There will be a long delay in checking out students as we are unable to run permits to leave and interrupt exams once the school day begins. Thank you for your patience and understanding.