One athlete can compete in only five events in a track meet; consisting of three field events and two running events or two field events and three running events. If an athlete is good at many events, the coaches will decide which events that she will best compete in. 7th and 8th grade compete separately.

During tryouts, all girls will tryout for all running events. This is to determine who will be sprinters, who will be mid distance, and who will be distance runners so that the coaches can separate the athletes into different conditioning groups. Girls may choose which field events they would like to tryout for, however, pay attention to the guidelines listed on specific field events. All field events will have an elimination process. Four or five girls will be selected to train in their field event every day. Girls who are in more that one field event will alternate training days.

All girls must be picked up by the band hall by 5:30pm. Please arrange a ride if your parents are unable to pick you up by 5:30pm.

If an athlete is in more than one field event, she will alternate training days with the two events.

We have a limited number of spikes to issue and sizes vary. Relay teams and sprinters are the first priority in issuing spikes. You may purchase your own spikes if you wish. They can be bought for as low as $30 at Academy. A 3'8" pyramid spike is recommended for the spike itself. Athletes who are running a 400M or less in a meet should wear spikes. Spikes are mainly worn in a meet. We do not train in them with the exception of some hurdle training and some field events on a limited basis. Please do not let the athletes run in their spikes at home ... it can create shin splints and can ruin the spike.

The girls who are the fastest and most consistent in the 100M, 200M, and 400M will be selected to run on the relay teams. An athlete who has scheduling conflicts which would not allow her to practice with the relay team every morning may not be selected to be on the team.


Long Jump - must be a fast girl with good spring in legs

Triple Jump - must be a fast girl with good spring and coordination

High Jump - usually tall and lanky girls make good high jumpers. Some spatial awareness and gymnastic skills are a plus.

Pole Vault - should have speed, explosive strength, spatial awareness and courage.

Shot Put - must have upper and lower body strength along with explosive power.

Discus - must have upper and lower body strength with explosive power and coordination.


  • 2400M run
  • 400M relay
  • 800M run
  • 100M hurdles (girls)
  • 110M hurdles (boys)
  • 100M dash
  • 800M relay
  • 400M run
  • 300M hurdles
  • 200M dash
  • 1600M run
  • 1600M relay

Running order: 7th grade girls, 8th grade girls, 7th grade boys, 8th grade boys

Field Events: Times and the order of field events will vary by track meet. Host schools set up a schedule based on their personnel and facilities. Please check the information on the current track meet document for further information about the time field events will start and the order.


Hurdles 4:30 - 5:15ish M, T, W

Field Events 4:05 - 5:00pm M, T, W

Running Events 8:00 - 8:30am or during Athletics Period if in Athletics.