Any student at CPMS in 7th or 8th grade, boy or girl, can participate in Cross Country. Runners do not need to be in the athletics class to participate in the cross country. The Cross Country team will practice before and after school, not during the athletics period. However, if you are already in the athletics period and would like to be on the Cross Country Team, you may do so, even if you are currently playing football or volleyball.


You must have a physical exam before attending any practices. Physical exam forms may be picked up from Coach Carson in the gym. Return the completed form to Coach Carson. You will also need a good pair of light weight running shoes or cross trainers for practics and meets. Any style or color of t-shirt and shorts can be worn to practice.


Some are morning and some are afternoon practices. Morning practices begin at 7:30am and afternoon practices end at 5:15pm. 7th graders who are currently involved in football or volleyball will only come to the afternoon cross country practices. 8th graders who are involved in football or volleyball will only be expected to come to the morning practices. If you are not involved in another sport, you are expected to attend all practices, morning and afternoon. Band members who have sectionals during a practice are excused from that day's cross country practice. Runners cannot miss more than three practices during the season unless the absence is excused. Please pick up and drop off your son/daughter up at the back of the school by the big gym for practices and meets.


Everyone who comes out for the Cross Country is on the team, as long as they are able and willing to perform the daily workouts. Athletes cannot miss more than three practices during the season, unless the absence is excused. Runners are required to run two miles in under 18 minutes to go to the first meet. They will also receive a team t-shirt and a uniform. After the first meet, the time requirements will be more challenging in order to qualify to go the meets. Runners who don't qualify to go to the first meet should still train with the team in order to improve and get a chance to compete in future meets.


A bus will take the runners to the meets with the exception of Milburn Park (we will walk to Milburn after school). When we take a bus, the bus will leave school between 3:30pm and 4:00pm to go to the meets. Meets start at 5:00pm with the girls running first (7th and 8th grade compete together). Boys will run after the girls are finished. Meets are usually over at 6:00pm. You make take your son/daughter home from the meet or they can ride the bus back to the school and you may pick them up there at about 7:00pm

Here is our practice schedule. If you wish to download your own copy, click this link: DOWNLOAD CALENDAR

CC CALENDAR 2018.pdf