ESD is proud to bring you this capsule collection full of practical tips and practices in order to help you develop a nimble skillset and toolbox to serve you and your students this school year and beyond.

We are here to support and boost you as you build on your talents and experiences as classroom teachers to fluidly shift from the classroom (“onground”) to blended/online learning environments as needed.

The good news is that the energy and time you invest into developing your blended/online teaching muscles now will also serve to boost and expand your practices in the classroom!



The first 3 capsules are the most essential to watch and absorb as you prepare for when the need arises to pivot from onground to online teaching. Each capsule is accompanied by a wealth of curated resources, examples and templates.

Please explore the full series in (or out of) order and let us know if you have any feedback.


How to take a Blended Online Learning Design approach.

How to design a learner-friendly digital classroom space.

How to get the most out of virtual class meetings.

How to optimize online discussions.

How to optimize online collaboration.

How to leverage formative assessments.

How to shift summative assessment practices.

How to give effective and efficient feedback.

How to hone teacher presence and facilitation practices.

How to flow between synchronous & asynchronous activities.

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