LAUSD 2022-26 Strategic Plan

Exciting News!  Our Strategic Plan Year 1 Report is now available to view and download! Go to the Year 1 (2022-23) report tab above to download a pdf copy.  We appreciate the support of our schools and greater communities and are happy to share our progress!  #ReadyfortheWorld #LAUSDStrategicPlan #AcceleratingSuccess  

Ready for the World!

For the next four years, Los Angeles Unified will focus on a singular goal: ensure ALL our students graduate READY FOR THE WORLD – to thrive in college, career, and life. This Strategic Plan represents a promise to our entire Los Angeles Unified community that we will achieve this goal. With this plan, we are establishing a new, inspiring vision on how we can improve student achievement and close opportunity gaps. We believe that by outlining a singular goal, and a vision for achieving this goal, we can ensure that everyone who is a part of Los Angeles Unified will be able to support and uplift our district together. 

Our Singular Goal: 

Ensure ALL our students graduate READY FOR THE WORLD – to thrive in college, career, and life. 

Los Angeles Unified Graduates Are...

Advocates for Self and Others






Effective Communicators


Core Beliefs

We also believe it is not just enough for our students to be ready for the world – we, as a district and representatives of a larger global community, must also ensure that we are ready for our students. Each student arrives with a unique and diverse range of strengths, skills, and perspectives that we must honor and uplift. We must guarantee that our systems – not just within Los Angeles Unified, but beyond – evolve and adapt to create the conditions for our exceptional students to thrive, and we are ready to lead that change by example.

When our students ask, “Are you ready for me?” we all must be able to answer, “Yes we are” – not just to some students, but to every single one of our incredible young scholars. This commitment is embodied in our Core Beliefs, which serve as the foundation for everything we do and represent the things we hold true so that we may be a model of what an exemplary education institution looks like.


We believe we must unapologetically call out and close the persistent opportunity gaps that disproportionately impact Black, Latinx, foster, unhoused, LGBTQ+, immigrant, and other historically underserved communities.

We must disrupt the generational, systemic manifestations of discrimination, racism, and bigotry affecting our schools. We will actively identify and amplify the successes of our schools that eliminate inequities. We will strategically allocate resources to our students and families to ensure that students are celebrated and supported.


We believe we exist to serve the students and families of Los Angeles Unified, and we acknowledge the many voices who have a vested interest in the success of Los Angeles Unified. Our decisions, policies, and programs are designed with learners at the center.

All actions are informed by listening and learning from the community through open dialogue to create authentic partnership opportunities so that our entire extended community may contribute toward student success.


We believe the communities served by Los Angeles Unified deserve the most exemplary education that prepares all students to achieve postsecondary excellence. For our community, we must deliver schools and an entire system that meets the promise of all of our unique students. 

Our Mission and Vision

After listening to our community and holding up our District Goals as our primary drivers, we have developed the following Mission, Vision, and Theory of Action to outline, respectively, why we do what we do, where we want to go, and how we believe we will get there. 


Realizing excellence for all students by providing the unique, rigorous, culturally relevant education that each and every student deserves.


Los Angeles Unified will be the premier public school district by eliminating educational inequities to graduate ALL students ready for the world – to thrive in college, career, and life.

Theory of Action

When We:



The Strategic Plan

To effectively implement this Theory of Action, the District has proposed five high-level Pillars that represent critical areas we will focus on over the next four years. Each Pillar contains several Priorities we believe are required to successfully support the pillar, as well as Measures of Success and associated targets so we can gauge our progress in meeting our goals. Strategies are specific actions we can take at the school site or at the District and community levels to advance these priorities and help us meet our targets. 

The five Pillars of the Strategic Plan are:

Rigorous and Responsive Academic Programs
to Achieve Excellence for All

Safe and Healthy Environments to Promote
Joy and Wellness

Authentic Engagement to Leverage the Power of Our Families, Communities, and Educational Partners

Innovative Operations to Ensure
Lasting Organizational Success

Development and Uplifting of Talented Staff
to Serve All Students 

Call to Action

With this plan, we are committing to action now – our students cannot wait. We call upon you to help us ensure our students graduate READY FOR THE WORLD

We must work together to elevate our students to achieve academic success, develop social-emotional resiliency, and embrace the joy of a positive and fulfilling school experience. Every member of our Los Angeles Unified community has a part to play in this effort, and we urge you to join us and commit to celebrating and supporting the work of this plan. Together, we will take our students to where they need to be, and we call on you to show up, step up, speak up on behalf of our students and in support of one another. 

Through this plan and through our promise to each and every student, we can ensure all our young scholars will be ready to thrive and ready for the world, and we need you to act alongside us. 

Are YOU ready?

Los Angeles Unified School District
2022-26 Strategic Plan

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