Fall 2022

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Pre-arrival Procedures new updated on 23 Aug, 2022

Fact Sheet

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. いつ日本に行けばいいですか?

A. 入国の指定日はまだ決まっていません。決定次第お知らせします。また指定日より前に入国することはできません。

Q. When should I travel to Japan?

A. The designated date of arrival in Japan has not yet been decided.

We will notify you as soon as it is decided.

You should not enter the country before the designated date.

Q. 日本のどこの空港に到着すればよいですか?

A. 成田国際空港です。

Q. What airport in Japan should I fly in to?

A. Please arrive at Narita International Airport.

Q. COE申請書の入国日と上陸予定地はどのように書きますか?

A. 入国予定日は空欄にしてください。 上陸予定地は「成田空港」と書いてください

Q. What information should I fill in on the COE application form regarding the date of entry and the port of entry?

A. Please leave the date of entry blank and enter "Narita Airport" as the port of entry.

Q. 航空券はいつ買いますか?

A. ビザ取得後に購入することをお勧めします。COEが発行されましたら、ビザ申請や入国に関する詳細をみなさんにお知らせします。KUISから連絡があるまでは買わないでください。

Q. When should I buy an air ticket?

A. We recommend that you book your flight after you have obtained a student visa. We will notify you of the details regarding visa application and entry procedures once your COE is issued. Please wait until KUIS contacts you before making a purchase.

Q. 二重国籍を持っていますが、COE申請書は提出しなければいけませんか?

A. 有効な日本の在留資格/パスポートを持っている人は、COE申請をする必要はありません。



Q. I have dual citizenship. Do I have to submit a COE application?

A. Those who have a valid Japanese status of residence, or a Japanese passport are exempt from applying for a COE.

Please contact us in advance by e-mail with a copy of valid passport and/or your residence card.

You are not required to submit a COE application, but make sure to submit all other application documents.

Q. 出願書類をすべて提出しました。この後どうすればいいですか?

A. 出願後の手続きについては随時ご連絡します。出願時に登録したメールをこまめに確認してください。



Q. I have submitted all the application materials. What should I do next?

A. We will keep you informed about the next procedure via email.

Please check the email address you provided during the application process frequently.

If there are any details in the application that need to be confirmed, KUIS will contact you.

If you receive an email from KUIS, please respond as soon as possible.

The issuance of the COE may be delayed if your response is late.

Q. COEはいつ頃もらえますか?

A. 通常COEは申請してから2ヵ月ほどで発行され、7月下旬から8月中旬に発送する予定です。


Q. When can I receive the COE?

A. The COE is usually issued in about two months and is scheduled to be mailed to you from late July to mid-August.

But please understand that the COE shipping might be delayed if the examination by the Immigration Bureau takes longer than expected.

Q.  出願時に提供された情報(性別や名前)をどのように扱いますか?

A.  みなさんの名前はパスポートに表記されている通りにKUISに登録されます。名前の順番は、パスポートの下部に記載がある順番で取り扱います。



Q: How does KUIS handle the information provided during the application process (gender and name)?

A. Your name will be registered by KUIS exactly as it appears on your passport. The order of your name will be as written on the bottom of your passport.

Please use the name registered with KUIS to complete the visa application procedure and administrative procedures after coming to Japan.

Administrative procedures also require gender information.

Q. パスポートを更新しました。古いパスポートはありません。過去の日本入国のスタンプページが提出できませんが、どうすればよいでしょうか。

A. 事前に提出ができないことをメールでご連絡ください。 





Q. I recently updated my passport and no longer have my old one.

What should I do if I can't submit the stamp pages of my previous visits to Japan?

A. Please notify us in advance if you are unable to submit it.

The previous immigration records to Japan must be accurately entered in the COE application.

Please take care not to enter any incorrect information.

If there is an error in the information entered, the COE may be delayed or not issued.

Please keep in mind that KUIS is not liable.