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You can locate all of our online resources through this website and My Katy Cloud. We have numerous types of resources: online encyclopedias, audiobooks, ebooks, magazines, and databases. For specific resources, click on the student links and select your specific content area. MackinVIA is a portal to the vast majority of our databases and other online resources. You can also see subject specific resources in the Student Links section of this website.

Log in to MackinVIA

To log in, follow these simple steps.

1. Go to

2. Log in and search for MackinVIA.

3. Click on the icon and it should log you in automatically. If not, type your normal username and password to log in.

Writing Helps

Thesis Statement

This video provides a good introduction on how to write an interesting thesis statement.

Research Questions

This video provides a good introduction on how to write a research question that will effectively guide you when researching for a project.

Persuasive Writing

Ethical Use of Information

It is very important to use information ethically. Cite sources and give credit to creators of the information, images, and music you use in projects, and know whether you are allowed to use the information in the first place. Here's some resources on citing sources and using information ethically.

1. Our databases frequently provide a citation for you. Look for the link to "Citation Tools" or scroll down to the bottom of the resource for the "Source Citation".

2. For websites and other resources you can use or the Cite This For Me extension. Be sure that you double check the citation, locate and fill in any missing information. You are responsible for what you turn in