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Greetings to all students interested in the Warren Tech Computer Technology program.

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This site is for students interested in WT Computer Technology as well as those who are already enrolled.

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The term Computer Science is typically applied to writing computer programs in a given programming language. However, I think it is important for potential and returning students to understand that actual systems-level computer programming only represents about 33% or so of the total Information Technology (IT) needs of the industry. So we call the program Computer Tech to capture the more holistic flavor of all IT, not just coding.

There are actually two college majors students might be interested in if they want to pursue a career in IT:

  • Computer Science (CS) - This college major is typically housed in either the math or engineering school in a college or university. CS majors study hard-core ninja-level coding in a variety of languages, as well as taking a boatload of college math: calculus, differential equations, series math, linear algebra, statistics, etc. A typical CS major will be involved with developing algorithms, and then writing the code that makes that algorithm work. CS majors might find themselves working for Google, Microsoft, Apple, Amazon or a host of other enterprises that need engineering-level coders because a CS degree is, for all intents and purposes, an engineering degree. CS majors are often recruited right out of college in their junior or senior year to come work for a technology firm. In Colorado, we are lucky to have numerous major defense contractors (e.g. Lockheed Martin, Raytheon, Northrup Grumman, Ball Aerospace, etc.) who routinely look for CS majors, as well as a whole host of technical- and non-technical companies who need expert software developers.

  • Computer Information Systems (CIS) - This college major is more oriented to the 66% of students who want to work with computers in some way other than hard-core programming. There are a variety of personnel that are needed: server, cloud, systems, and database administrators, customer support personnel, application coders (a little different breed of cat than the CS major), web developers, project managers, security professionals, business analysts, and so on. CIS majors must take some business classes. I really like this requirement, because it helps students understand, at least at a basic level, how businesses operate. Because you will be working in IT, your customers are actually the people that work for your company. You will take courses like Accounting, Marketing, Legal and Ethical Environment of Business, and so on. And, you will also take courses that pertain to your area of interest. In a CIS major, technical certifications such as those offered by CompTIA, Microsoft, Cisco, Oracle and others are often required in addition to your degree. NOTE: CIS is sometimes called Management Information Systems (MIS) instead. You say potato, I say po-taht-o.

So I think it is fair to say that even though my program might be called Computer Technology or Cybersecurity, the most accurate name for it would be CS/CIS, or just plain Information Technology.

Colorado has some of the best CS and CIS programs in the country. Why go to Stanford when some top schools are right in your own back yard? Colorado School of Mines (CSM), University of Colorado (Boulder, UCD, UCCS), and Metro all have fine, fine programs.

Typically a CS or CIS degree is a requirement for you to get a job in the industry. Not a hard and fast rule, but definitely something on which you should be planning.

John (Jack) Cornish yuckin' it up. He is now in his 3rd year of CS at Colorado School of Mines.

Whatcha' Gonna' Learn?

The Computer Tech course at Warren Tech consists of the following areas of study:

Class Times:

Morning Session: 7:30 - 10:30 a.m. (Monday - Friday), break 8:50 - 9:10

Afternoon Session: Noon - 3:45 p.m. (Monday - Thursday), break 1:45 - 2:00

William (Bill) Heldman, Ph.D.

Computer Tech and Cybersecurity Instructor

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