Who you gonna' cloud? Cloudbusters!!

You may not be aware of this, but Career and Technical Education (CTE) teachers have to have what is called an advisory board. The board is comprised of people who are experts in the industry, have their finger on the pulse of where the industry is headed, and can advise the teacher accordingly.

In my most recent advisory board meeting, everybody on the board (and I mean everybody) was saying "Dude, you have to teach those kids the cloud!!!" (Or words to that effect.)

So we have a couple of options at our disposal for said cloud-teaching.

1. CompTIA happens to have a Cloud+ certification. People who have taken the Cloud+ exam tell me that it is a pretty easy go. Cybrary.IT happens to have a course on Cloud+. I think it is worth our while to go through it together in class, but only after we have completed IT Fundamentals. Understanding the cloud will not help you if you do not understand how enterprise IT operates! NOTE: I anticipate that we will finish IT Fundamentals mid-semester, giving us enough time to do a quick jaunt through Cloud+.

2. Additionally, we should probably start installing and messing around with Microsoft Azure, which is available through our Microsoft Imagine subscription.

Another way that previous students have "messed around" with the cloud is by taking Amazon Web Services (AWS) classes via PluralSight. Not a bad idea...but...I would recommend having a lot more coding skill under your belt, and your Cloud+ certification before attempting AWS. A big animal, but one that will get you a job!