TestOut Corporation creates distance-learning content that students can use in preparation for CompTIA, Microsoft, and Cisco certifications.

TestOut includes videos, online labs (called LabSim), quizzes and practice exams.

Warren Tech buys the licenses you need to be able to work with TestOut courseware, in preparation for your CompTIA exams.

Your instructor has the ability to run reports on your progress, and, indeed, uses this data for grading purposes.

After you have completed your IT Fundamentals coursework in your first semester at Warren Tech, the next area of study that you will embark on will be TestOut PC Pro. PC Pro is designed to prepare you to take both the CompTIA A+ exams 220-901, and 220-902.

Once you finished the PC Pro coursework, you will have some practice exams that you must take to earn your PC Pro certification. If you earn this cert, you have done a great thing! You should put it on your resume right away.

But then, you have not one, but two practice exams inside the PC Pro courseware that are intended to get you ready for the actual CompTIA A+ exams.

Additionally, you can also think about purchasing some certification practice exams from a reputable firm. You can also buy flash cards for your exams. People take CompTIA exams very, very seriously!!

After you've completed your PC Pro course, you can move on to TestOut Network Pro, which prepares you for the CompTIA Network+ exam.

Once you have your IT Fundamentals, A+ and Network+ certifications, you are in very, very good shape to be looking for IT jobs. It is quite conceivable that you could find work in an IT role, and earn enough money to put yourself through college!

But while you are Warren Tech, and you have TestOut courseware available to you, you should push yourself and move on into more intermediate levels of CompTIA certifications: Linux+, and Security+.

TestOut offers coursework to prepare for these exams as well. Additionally, TestOut offers courseware for Microsoft and Cisco certifications.