IT Certification Training

Warren Tech Computer Science also uses a distance-learning tool called PluralSight. PluralSight breaks its courseware out into four primary categories: Software Development, IT Operations (IT Ops), Data and Security. PluralSight also has courses on 3D modeling software such as Maya and Z-Brush, as well as business courses.

Many of Warren Tech's students use PluralSight to augment their TestOut learning. PluralSight does not offer virtual labs like TestOut does, but students report that often the PluralSight movies "chink in" some missing elements that they may have overlooked in the TestOut courseware. If you are serious about A+, Network+ or other CompTIA certs, you should definitely consider buttressing what you are learning through TestOut by going through the PluralSight courseware as well.

Because PluralSight is a distance-learning company, and Warren Tech purchases a site license for their courseware, their content will be available to you 24/7.

The instructor has the ability to look at analytics that show your progress in PluralSight, and the data is then used for grading purposes, reporting out to parents, and other stakeholders.

Deep Programming Training

Another reason PluralSight is so great is that it provides plenty of training in a variety of programming languages. Like Python and want to go further? Java? C++? C#? JavaScript?

There are tons and tons of language training courses on PluralSight, ranging from noob to advanced.

Some of the coding courses provide you with a test you can take to find out where you are actually at, in terms of your knowledge of a specific language. These are invaluable exams because they help you avoid repetitive information you really don't need, and you can get started at the place where there are new things to learn.

Interested in game development and/or game modeling? There are plenty of courses on PluralSight that will help you get started. There are courses on Unity, Unreal, Maya, Blender, and myriad other so-called "creative professional" folks are interested in.

Business Content

There are also courses on "softer" topics in technology such as project management, and business analysis.