CompTIA is VERY serious about cybersecurity!

No really. They are very, very serious about cybersecurity. They have not one but five different cybersecurity certifications that IT professionals can earn.

The first one that cybersecurity students should think about getting is the Security+ certification. You can use TestOut and/or PluralSight to study for this exam.

TestOut brings you some additional options that PluralSight does not:

  • With TestOut you get the practice exams for the TestOut Security Pro certification and you get the actual Security+ practice exams that TestOut has devised as well.
  • Additionally, if you pass the Security Pro course with great scores, you can also consider sitting for the Systems Security Certified Practitioner (SSCP) exam that is offered by ISC2, a well-known and trusted cybersecurity certification exam organization.
  • Also, by passing the course, you earn a TestOut Security Pro certification, which you can immediately put on your resume as soon as you earn it.

You can also use Cybrary.IT to study for your Security+ certificate. As of this writing, I do not know a lot about Cybrary.IT, but they have their own private certification situation just like TestOut.

If you choose to use Cybrary.IT, I require that you submit your certificate to me so I can make a copy.

NOTE: I will not give you a grade for any work done in YouTube or other learning sites other than TestOut, PluralSight or Cybrary.IT. Do not ask!

Cybersecurity students practicing Capture the Flag (CTF) at a cybersecurity training facility downtown.