Cybrary.IT is a new, free training site that provides lots of different content, particularly for cybersecurity students. Many of the CompTIA certification exams are covered in classes on Cybrary.

The company has some unique ideas. For example, you can earn Cybyte bonus points. In your daily checklist, if you login, read an 0P3N document, complete 3 lessons and share on a social site, you can earn 10 Cybyte bonus points.

If you write a blog post about a cybersecurity topic and post it on the Cybrary site, you earn Cybytes for writine an 0P3N article.

There are places on Cybrary where you can purchase things, and they run the gamut in pricing. For example, if you sign up for a virtual lab subscription through CybrScore, you'll be charged $20 per month. Of course, Warren Tech will not pay that cost for you. However, if you sign up for a one-year subscription for Escalate, you will have to shell out $3100.00.

Since Cybrary.IT does offer certifications for successful completion, I am happy to offer this tool to you as well. However, you will have to provide me with a certificate for every Cybrary class you complete.