Dakota Ridge High school counseling

 Dakota Ridge Counseling Department Mission Statement:

DRHS Counselors continually connect with students to empower, support, and guide them. We meet them where they are and help them reach their desired future. Our vision is to provide support and advocacy, empowering ALL students for success in high school and beyond.

Meet your Counseling Team

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Cathy Labbat

Post-Grad Coordinator

How can I see my counselor:


Students: Counselors have an open door policy and are typically available on a 'walk-in' basis to students who are in immediate need or in crisis. If you have specific topics of concern or feel more comfortable scheduling an appointment with your counselor in advance, you are also welcome to do so by emailing or leaving a yellow slip for your counselor. Please note that if your counselor is not available at the time you come down to the office, just leave a yellow slip or ask our Counseling Registrar, Mrs. Kelley, to leave a message with your counselor.

Parents/Guardians: It is best to call the office to arrange an appointment to see your student's counselor. This ensures appropriate time allocated to your needs. 

What can my counselor help me with: