Advanced Learning Plans (ALP)

For Families of a Jeffco Advanced Learner:

As you may be aware, Advanced Learners in Jeffco write one academic and one affective goal each year, to help them focus on actualizing their personal potential. 

To make accessing the goals easier for students, teachers, and families, our department has moved the ALP goal setting and monitoring process into SOARS for ALL grade levels (K-12). This is the same format as last year. GT Resource Teachers will be managing the process for your school and students. School staff will be supporting the goals at school.

Your student should have received an email in Aug/Sept, 2023 titled “Initial ALP Questionnaire.” Here, they will learn how to access the student JEDI portal and answer the questionnaire to set their goals. They will then receive another email in January 2024 with additional steps for completing the next ALP survey. The JEDI portal also includes links to videos to help them understand how to think about their goals, as well as a hyperdoc of suggested goal topics. Students may want to utilize these tools before completing the questionnaire. 

Once the goals have been set, you may find it helpful to encourage your student to log back into the portal every week or so, and consider what progress s/he is making toward the goal. This needn’t be about pressure to perform, but rather about considering focus and forward momentum.  

For more information about the ALP Process in Jeffco, please visit this link: Jeffco Advanced Learning Plans

Helpful links/tools for accessing alp support:

In order to learn more about Jeffco's ALP process at the high school level and how your students can receive more support, please click on the link below.

Jeffco Secondary ALP Support

The JEDI portal is the platform all H.S. ALP students will use in order to complete their ALP surveys and monitor progress.  Students, please click on the link below to access the JEDI portal.

Jeffco Student JEDI Portal