Technical activities offer our members the opportunity to gain knowledge on various transportation related topics. Our members are encouraged to seek out industry professionals to educate the student chapter with a guest lecture or technical tour of their facility. We also provide a large number of webinars through the many professional organizations that our members are associated with.


Our Student Chapter members are heavily involved with professional events and meetings. If you wish to attend a conference contact our president, Abby Scaletta ( for possible funding from the student chapter. Here are some of the events that our members have either been to or are looking forward to attending this school year.

  • Transportation Research Board Annual Conference, Washington D.C. - January 7-11, 2018
  • Wheel-Rail Interaction Conference (May)
  • Canadian District Student Leadership Summit, Edmonton - June 2 to 3, 2018
  • Canadian Institute of Transportation Engineers (CITE), Edmonton - June 3 to 6, 2018
  • North American Travel Monitoring Exposition and Conference (NAMTEC), Irvine CA - June 11 to 14, 2018
  • University of Minnesota, Twin Cities Student Leadership Summit, Minneapolis - August 18 to 19, 2018
  • Institute of Transportation Engineers (ITE) Annual Conference, Minneapolis - August 20 to 23, 2018

Traffic Bowl Team at CITE 2018

CITE Conference 2018 - Edmonton, AB

The Student Chapter sent six students to CITE this year. The chapter's hard work this past year was recognized as we were awarded the Student Chapter of the Year Award for 2018. The various technical sessions and evening events provided our students with many opportunities to learn and network with professionals and students. The traffic bowl team showed off their hometown pride during the Traffic Bowl Competition and went home with the cup (unfortunately not the Stanley.. Go Jets Go!).


  • CITE Student Chapter of the Year Award
  • Canadian District Traffic Bowl Champions
  • Abby Scaletta (our President), won the Jon Varden Scholarship

ITE Conference 2018 - Minneapolis, MN

A group of five students from the Student Chapter attended the International ITE Annual Conference in Minneapolis this year. The Traffic Bowl team put up a good fight amongst the other universities but did not take home the international award this year. Congratulations to the University of South Florida on their win!! Some highlights from the conference include the awards lunch ceremony and a tour of the US Bank Stadium!

The Student Leadership Summit preceding the conference was a great experience. Students spent time making connections with students from other universities and learning valuable skills. A bike tour of downtown Minneapolis, a tour of the Minneapolis-St. Paul Airport, and an afternoon crash course on VISSIM software were some of the favourites!


  • ITE Student Chapter of the Year Award

Student Chapter members accepting the Student Chapter Award with fellow Canadian District Award Winers at ITE in 2018

Technical Tours

For our 2018 technical trip six Student Chapter members spent their reading week break in Colombia! Over the 9-day long trip, we visited the cities of Bogota and Cartagena. In Bogota, we had a tour of ciclovia and an awesome 5-hour bike tour of the city! Although we were unable to coordinate a tour of Transmillenio in Bogota, we had several opportunities to ride the new BRT system. In Cartagena we had a tour of the largest container port in Colombia (4th largest in Latin America). In addition to our tours, we experienced many other forms of transportation throughout our trip including a boat ride to a small island near Cartagena where we had a chance to snorkel and a cable car ride down from Mount Monserrate in Bogota after we climbed the 600m tall mountain! It was a successful trip in teaching the students about transportation systems in other cities.

On Thursday, March 8th the Student Chapter visited Winnipeg's new Traffic Management Centre for a tour of the facilities and to learn about traffic operations in Winnipeg. We had a similar tour last year but due to new membership in the chapter we decided to go back again this year! Thank you to Ryan Patrick for giving us the presentation and tour!

Technical Workshop - Planning for Public Transportation

On Wednesday, April 12th, we held a technical workshop for industry and students on Planning for Public Transportation. It was a successful event and thank you to Bjorn Radstrom from Winnipeg Transit and Bob Hastings from Trimet (Portland, Oregon) for presenting.

Technical Speakers

On Friday November 30th, Keenan Patmore from Manitoba Infrastructure spoke to our group about the road safety initiatives that are occurring within our province.

On Thursday November 8th, Jeannette Montufar, our student chapter advisor shared some tips and tricks with us during a discussion on professional and leadership skills.

On Monday October 15th, David Wiebe from Dillon Consulting presented to our chapter on the study Dillon completed to assess the impacts associated with opening the iconic Winnipeg intersection of Portage & Main to pedestrians.

On Friday, April 6th, Ali Farhan from Alberta Transport spoke about Alberta's Regional Transportation Model. We tested out a new speaker format by using Skype!

On Friday, March 23rd Dr. Shalaby, a professor in Civil Engineering at the UofM who specializes in pavement design discussed the impacts pavement friction can have on air, rail, and road crashes using some real-life examples.

On Tuesday, March 20th Stephanie Roller from Transport Canada spoke to the chapter about the specifics of railways in Canada and specifically the safety of at-grade rail crossings.

On Monday, March 19th Al Phillips, an economist, gave the chapter an interesting lecture on transportation engineering from an economists' point of view. He touched on the relationship between transportation and economics, an important topic for all transportation engineers to understand!

During the week of March 5th the Manager of Transit Service Development from the City of Winnipeg, Bjorn Radstrom, gave a three-part lecture series on various aspects of our city's public transportation system. Topics presented included: Intelligent Transportation Systems, and Bus Rapid Transit as well as other operational and planning topics.

On Monday, February 5th a UMITE alumni, Mark Vogt, came to speak about Northeast Exchange Study and the creation of Winnipeg's first "Woonerf" street at John Hirsche Place.

On Thursday, January 18th Craig Milligan from Fireseeds North Infrastructure gave a lecture on measuring road safety using video conflict analysis and surrogate safety measurement.

On Friday, November 17 Steven Florko from Stantec gave a presentation on the CPR Yards Functional Design Crossing Study that was completed by Stantec Consulting. Here's a simulation video for the new bridge: Arlington Bridge!

On Thursday, October 26 the City of Winnipeg's Active Transportation Coordinator, Stephanie Whitehouse presented on the City's pedestrian and cycling strategies as well as some current and planned AT infrastructure.

On Monday, October 23 Gareth Rempel from MORR Consulting presented on TRAINFO, a technology developed to predict the time and location of at grade rail crossings. The student chapter learned about the many ways this technology is able to reduce the impacts of train crossings!

On Monday, March 27 Janice Lukes, the City Councillor for South Winnipeg - St. Norbert, came to speak to the Student Chapter about active transportation in the City of Winnipeg.

On February 16 2017 CITE president, Jen Malzer presented to the Student Chapter and to industry about CITE and the City of Calgary Pedestrian Strategy. The event was a first for a joint luncheon between the Student Chapter and the ITE MB Chapter.

Steven Florko Luncheon (above)

Janice Lukes Luncheon (above)

Jen Malzer Luncheon (above)