Fundraising and Social

Fundraising is an important part of the student chapters success. We rely on industry sponsorship and fundraising events to provide community, social, and technical activities for our members throughout the year. Social events are a great time for Student Chapter members to meet and connect with each other outside of school.

Food Fundraisers

To raise money for our social, technical, and community events, our chapter likes to have food sale fundraisers! We have sold many types of food, including perogies, grilled cheese sandwiches, and burgers. We recently started selling samosas and discovered they are a HUGE hit! Our engineering community at the University sure loves them. Thank you to all the patrons and volunteers for the success of our food fundraisers!

Rumor's Comedy Club

The Student Chapter has routinely visited Rumor’s, a Winnipeg Comedy Club, for years as a way to blur the line between social and fundraising events. Our Rumor’s nights are an excellent way for Chapter members to have a night of laughs with each other in a low-stress environment; all while also raising some cash for future events.

Halloween Events

Pumpkin Carving

Around Halloween, a group of our student chapter members get together for our annual pumpkin carving event. One of our favourite themes from the past (2017) was "Classic Jack-o-lantern with a bit of a Transportation Twist"! Thanks to those who are able to come out to this awesome social event. We like to display our lovely pumpkins at our Halloween food fundraiser sale!

Halloween Bowling

Not only is this a great social event, but it also (usually) doubles as a fundraiser for the chapter. The weekend before Halloween, we rent out a local bowling alley for the night. Student chapter members and their friends then get dressed up in their finest Halloween costumes and spend the evening bingo bowling! The event is quite fun and as a bonus, every year we give out a prize for best male and best female costume.

2017's winners were:

Best Male Costume 2017 - Reza as Dracula

Best Female Costume 2017 - Auja as "The Punisher" from the TV show Uh-Oh

We are continually impressed with the level of creativity all the costumes! Thank you to everyone who helped make this event a success. We hope to see everyone again next year!

ITE Annual Christmas Party

For many years, the Student Chapter holds an annual Christmas party for student members and members of the transportation industry in Winnipeg. The purpose of the event is to give students an opportunity to meet as many other student members and professionals as they can in the night. Many student members (including some alumni) and professionals spent the night mingling while enjoying the delicious potluck dinner and festive music.