Who are Ambassadors?

ISP Ambassadors are beacons of hope. They are men and women of faith who have struggled with addiction and homelessness and have made great strides in transforming their lives for the better.

Ambassadors are reliable and mature former ISP retreat participants currently serving as volunteers with their local ISP team. As ISP alumni, the ideal Ambassador is an individual who has a deep desire to share their gifts, talents and abilities to "pay it forward" by advancing the mission and ministry of ISP.

What do Ambassadors do?

Ambassadors participate in an integrated 2-year ISP formation and service program designed to deepen their spirituality and strengthen their recovery while growing as leaders. They participate in a range of retreats and workshops and in turn have the opportunity to serve as ISP leaders on the local and Network-wide level.

The formation and service of Ambassadors is guided by the four values of Companionship, Reflective Learning, Servant Leadership and customized Practicum Experiences.

See the Program Calendar for specific dates and travel requirements for Ambassadors.

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