Get ready

for the outings


During this project we have organized two outings. You will visit:

  • The European Commission representation in Barcelona. This office is "the voice and the ears" of the European Commission in Catalonia.

  • The European documentation centre of the UAB. They promote European Union research.

Watch these videos about the three main European institutions: the European Commission, the Council of the European Union and the European Council, and the European Parliament.

And now watch the video about the European Central Bank and the Eurosystem

You can find the transcript of the video "At home with the European institutions" below


Video transcript:

The EU is made up of 3 big houses: the Commission, the Council of the EU, the European Council and the Parliament. This is the people’s house. The 500 million European citizens it represents directly elect the members. With the 2014 elections, there are now 751 MEPs in the Chamber. The number of seats varies according to the population of each EU country. Here in the Parliament, laws and the EU budget are decided. This is done together with the Council of the European Union. This Council is the house where the ministers of the 28 Member States meet together. All EU laws and the budget must pass through them. It holds a key position as it also houses the European Council, representing the interests of the 28 States.Heads of State and government come together to determine the EU’s general political direction. And our final stop on the tour of the EU’s houses is the Commission, The EU’s executive body and Guardian of the Treaties. The Commission proposes European laws and implements the laws once they’re adopted. It also ensures that the Treaties are upheld.

TASK 14 (group): The bodies of the European Union

Now you will learn more about the European Institutions.


1. Access and make a copy of the document THE BODIES OF THE EUROPEAN UNION

1. Enter the responsibilities of the various institutions by placing the institutions in the right boxes:

    • European Parliament
    • European Central Bank
    • European Council
    • Court of Justice of the European Union
    • European Comission

2. Share your ideas with the other groups.


European politics is like a tree with many branches and leaves.


  • Make a copy of the document THE TREE OF EUROPEAN POLITICS
  • Read the labels of the different European policies. They are the "leaves" of the tree.
  • Put the labels in the correct branch of of the tree.