SGA Projects

Current Projects


Whether it's to study for a final or to get up for work the next day; Hawk House is here to provide a safe place to spend the night. This project is intended to provide a safe and comfortable space for commuting and non-residential students
Lead by: Sameer Sheikh, Antonio Archilla, April Welch, & Jeannina Villalobos

Public Safety Awareness Week

Learning to be safe while in Chicago is important. This ranges from properly locking up a bike to being aware while walking on the sidewalk. We are putting together a weeks worth of presentations and games to help you know how to safely navigate in this city.
Lead by: Na'im Muhammad, Kimberly Goveas, Jeannina Villalobos, & the Events Committee

IIT Garden

On the IIT campus there is a currently unused gardening plot. This project is dedicated to reviving the use of this plot for IIT students and the community around IIT.
Lead by: Ursula Hersh, Alex Guban, & Sameer Sheikh