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Program of Studies


Life is a journey.  Although the destination may be the same, the pathway taken on one’s travels is what makes the journey worthwhile.  The students of Hillsborough High School share the same destination: a graduation ceremony where you can all stand together one last time, having earned your coveted high school diplomas.  However, the roads traveled to reach that point are unique and varied, and it is a true rarity to find any two students who took the same exact course to reach the journey’s end.  This Program of Studies is your map, Raiders.  Within its pages are the courses that will prepare you for your chosen fields of study in college and your selected careers.  There are classes that will challenge you and those that will simply bring you joy.  There are courses that will teach you about the world and those that will teach you about yourself.  These pages will help you chart the course of your four years at Hillsborough High School, which also serves as the starting point for the rest of your lives.

As you peruse this Program of Studies, focus on making selections that, first and foremost, satisfy the graduation requirements for the State of New Jersey so that you are primed to earn your high school diploma.  Then, choose the courses that align with your goals and engage you in an enjoyable and memorable high school experience.  Hillsborough High School offers a wide range of courses on multiple levels that meet the learning needs of a truly talented and diverse student population.  Your counselors will urge you to select alternates in the event that you cannot be scheduled into one of your first choices.  Be certain to do that.  Although courses are listed in this program, many (notably electives) fill to capacity, or some cannot be offered due to insufficient enrollments.  If you select your alternates in advance, your counselor will know which other options you would prefer and can make those adjustments accordingly.


Finally, although extracurricular activities are not a part of the Program of Studies, remember to get actively involved in school.  Although you will learn a great deal through academics in high school, you will learn even more about yourself when you interact with your peers, participate in clubs/activities/athletics, collaborate on common goals, and make interpersonal connections that will remain important to you for the rest of your life.


Read carefully.  Consider thoughtfully.  Choose wisely.  Take a leap of faith and push your own limits.  Embrace a new topic that intrigues you since, often; the unexpected turns are what make the journey so memorable.  Onward, Raiders!  Chart your course today!