HPSS Health Centre

The HPSS Health Centre is open to provide health services to all HPSS students from 8.30am-4.00pm each school day.  The Health Centre includes a consultation room and a sickbay for students who are not feeling well enough to be in class.  

School Nurse

The HPSS School nurse offers nursing services to all students and staff of HPSS on a full time basis.  The nurse also coordinates the Physio, Asthma Nurse and offers limited sexual health services onsite.  If you have any questions for the nurse, please email or come down and see the nurse in Te Ara Manaaki. 

Where is Te Ara Manaaki?

Te Ara Manaaki is situated on the ground floor of the school.  There is a corridor to the right of the school canteen/tuckshop.  Go down this corridor and turn right at the end to find the entrance to Te Ara Manaaki.  This is where you will find the the HPSS Health Centre, the school nurse, the physio and the counselling officesRead more about counselling at HPSS here.

How does the HPSS Health Centre work?

You can access health services at HPSS when you are feeling unwell, if you need advice or support for any health issues or if you have questions that the school nurse could help with.  To make an appointment with the nurse, please email nurse@hobsonvillepoint.school.nz.  

If you have medical concerns that are not urgent or time sensitive, we ask that you visit the nurse in the Health Centre at interval or lunchtime.  If you are feeling unwell during class or if you feel like the issue is urgent, you can ask to be released from class and come down to the Health Centre for assessment.  If you are having trouble breathing, you are bleeding, you have injured yourself at school or any other urgent issue, please come down and see the nurse as soon as you can.  

If you see the nurse and the nurse assesses you to be too unwell to stay at school, whānau will be contacted and pickup will be requested. Alternatively, the nurse will ask your whānau if you can walk home if this is appropriate.

What can the school nurse help with?

You can see the nurse for anything health related that you might want support with.  The nurse works from a holistic approach, supporting you to improve your wellbeing both in and out of school.  HPSS students get support for many issues including illness, injuries, sexual and reproductive health, family harm, mental health, sleep, eating issues, making changes with drug/alcohol use and to stop smoking or vaping.  If you are not sure if the nurse can help or advise you, just come down and ask. If the nurse can't help, they can refer you to somewhere or someone who can. 

HPSS Health Centre during COVID-19

During COVID-19, the HPSS Health Centre follows guidelines issued by the Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Education.  These currently include: keeping a register of all students who access Te Ara Manaaki for tracing purposes and asking all students to wear a mask when they enter Te Ara Manaaki.  Disenfectant spray will be used by the nurse to clean surfaces in between student consultations.   Students are to stay home if they are displaying any COVID-19 related symptoms and get tested.  If a student comes to school displaying any COVID-19 related symptoms, they will be medically assessed by the nurse, isolated and whanau asked to collect immediately.  

Other Health related services at HPSS

Physio at HPSS

Physiotherapist Steph Roberts from Hobsonville Point Physiotherapy offers onsite physio to HPSS students and staff on Mondays and Thursdays.  There is no charge for students to see Steph and she can assist them to apply for ACC if needed.  To make an appointment with Steph, please see Ali at reception or the nurse in the Health Centre.  You can also email the nurse to request an appointment with Steph.  

Asthma Clinic

The Asthma Clinic takes place once per school term in Te Ara Manaaki. The clinic is staffed by a nurse that specialises in Asthma care.  The Asthma nurse meets with student to check on your asthma plan and can advise on inhalers and other asthma related issues. To make an appointment with the Asthma Nurse, please come and see the nurse in the Health Centre or email with this request. 

Hobsonville Point Dental

Hobsonville Point Dental partners with HPSS to provide free government funded dental treatment for students from Year 9 until their 18th birthday.  When you enrol at HPSS, your details are sent to Hobsonville Point Dental and the practice team will contact you for your first appointment.  Alternatively you can contact them directly on (09) 320-0504 or book online.