Te Ara Manaaki: HPSS Student Support

Most of us feel low at some point and dealing with these tough times can be a real challenge.  It is important though, to remember that you are not alone.  It can be really hard to think about what to do when these feelings are around,  but there are some things that can help.    Read more.

The collection of feelings that we can describe as anxiety are our natural response to stress.  Our bodies have been using anxiety to keep us safe for centuries. How can you tell if the anxiety you are experiencing is normal or something more?  Read more.

Navigating drugs and alcohol can be tricky when others around you are drinking/using.  It is important though to make informed choices that will keep both yourself and those you care about safe.  Read more

Stress is a normal healthy response to what our brain understands is a threat or pressure. Without our body’s stress response, we would not survive.  We know that stress exists on a continuum - some stress is helpful, some less helpful. Read More.

Is Covid-19 getting you down? Being separated from friends and being out of our usual routine of school, work and socialising can be difficult to manage.  There is no right or wrong way to get through this time.  Read more for some tips on how to get through.

Relationships are complicated!  Despite this, we all have the right to have relationships that are safe, equal, respectful and supportive.  What should you look out for that tells you your relationship is working well?  What are the signs that you might need some help?  Read more.

LGBTIAQ+ is the collective acronym to refer to those who identify as part of the Rainbow Community.  Want to learn more about gender and sexuality?  Have some questions about being LGBTIAQ+ at HPSS?  Need some support to explore your gender/sexuality? Read more.

These days although we do almost everything online, navigating the online world can be complicated.  Online bullying, privacy, gaming, digital footprints, having unwanted images sent to you and unwanted contract from strangers.... Read more for some tips on how to keep yourself safe.  

HPSS students share how they have managed some difficult situations they have been in.  Read more.

A list of websites, apps and organisations that might be of support for you or someone you know. Read more.

Te Ara Manaaki at HPSS - Meet The Team

Victoria Marsden

HOD Te Ara Manaaki/Counsellor

Victoria offers counselling full time at HPSS.  She is also the HOD of Student Services.  Alongside counselling, runs the HPSS Rainbow Group.  To make an appointment with Victoria, please email her. To find out more about counselling at HPSS click here.

Shireen Garrett


Shireen offers counselling full time at HPSS.  Alongside counselling, Shireen runs the HPSS KickIt program, supporting students to make positive changes with drug and alcohol use.  To make an appointment with Shireen, please email her.  To find out more about counselling at HPSS click here.

Jessica Channon


Jessica offers counselling full time at HPSS.  Alongside counselling, Jessica runs the HPSS Peer Mediation Team supporting students to resolve conflict in ways that work for everyone involved.  To make an appointment with Jess, please email her.  To find out more about counselling at HPSS click here.



The school nurse offers nursing services to all students and staff of HPSS on a full time basis.  Come down and see the nurse during interval or lunchtime if not urgent, or ask to be released from class to see the nurse. To find out more about the Health Centre, click here.  

Counselling at HPSS is voluntary and confidential.  The counselling team are available 8.30-3.30pm Monday-Friday to offer counselling and support.  Read more.

Our school nurse is available to see students from 8.30am-3.30pm in Student Services. The Health Centre includes a Physio, Asthma Nurse and limited sexual health services onsite.   Read more.

Having trouble with a friend?  Need some help to discuss something with a group of other students?  Want some help to talk about an issue with your partner?  HPSS' Peer Mediators can help!   HPSS’s Peer Mediators are a team of students who have been trained in the skills and process of mediation by the Peace Foundation. They offer a voluntary, confidential service that aims to support all parties to reach a resolution all are happy with.  Read more.