Voting Efforts

As health students in Georgia, we regularly see the barriers that make it difficult for patients to access care. We speak with people who miss appointments because of long hours at multiple jobs. We see those without cars arrive at our clinics after taking circuitous bus routes. We discuss treatments over the phone for patients who lack internet access for video visits. These same barriers affect their ability to vote.

The Georgia electoral system is far from perfect. Its flaws disproportionately affect Black, Brown, and low-income communities. Voter registration deadlines are too early. Polling places aren't conveniently located. New residents with out-of-state IDs can't access online vote by mail request systems. Voting shouldn’t be this difficult.

During the 2021 GA legislative session, we started a petition to the Georgia State Assembly against voter suppression. We had over 500 signatories and launched a social media campaign #NoNotesFor Votes.

During the 2021 Election, we published a health-equity focused voter guide for the Atlanta Mayoral Race by contacting each of the campaigns with our questionnaire.

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