HoCo Rainbow Conference 2021

Focus Your Vision, Find Your Voice: Be Seen, Be Heard

Saturday, May 15, 2021

NEW! Read the Rainbow Bookclub

Want to take part in this FREE online bookclub focusing on LGBTQ+ authors and books? We've received grant funding to pay for 6 different online author visits PLUS provide books to high school students for each club meeting! Complete this form to register for our fifth bookclub event featuring Phil Stamper who will do a reading, discuss, and answer questions about his book The Gravity of Us on Tuesday, August 17th, 2021 @ 7:00pm via GoogleMeet. Our official bookstore partner for this event is Greenlight Books!

Want to learn more about the LGBTQ+ Community? Be sure and check out our new podcast, the Rainbow Pridecast. We'll be highlighting local (and not-so-local) members of the LGBTQ+ Community and their allies, including many of our presenters. You'll get a glimpse of the many and diverse members of our community through their own voices. We'll also be highlighting younger members of the community. Have a story to share? Drop us a DM on twitter @RPridecast or Insta @RainbowPridecast

© Mikah Meyer, used with permission

Keynote: Mikah Meyer

Mikah Meyer www.mikahmeyer.com has toured the United States and US territories on a continuous 3-year mission to explore all 419 National Park Sites and to raise awareness for LGBTQ+ people while doing so. Thankfully we could get him to reschedule, and he will be our keynote speaker for the 2021 HoCo Rainbow Conference!

Concurrent Session Presenters for May 15, 2021

Sydney Ajayi (all)

Ash Baker (they/them)

Amy Bram (she/they)

MC Carey (they/them)

Jane Clementi (she/her)

Sarah Cooke (she/her)

Dutchess Crawford (she/her)

Katie Dant (they/them)

Jace Deininger (he/him)

Angie Engles (she/her)

Justin Fair (he/him)

Cody Freeman (he/him)

Suzi Gerb (she/her)

Amanda Ganoe (she/her)

Ezra Halstead (he/him/they/them)

Chris Hefty/Bella Naughty & friends

C.P. Hoffman (they/them)

Zach Koung (he/him)

Mimi Lemay (she/her)

Eric Luedtke (he/him)

Ying Matties (she/her)

Avery Moe (she/they)

Kevin Naff (he/him)

Olanrele Oni (he/him)

Robyn Page (she/her)

Joshua Patel (he/him)

Laci Radford (they/them)

Uma Ribeiro (she/her)

Ace Schwarz (they/them)

Louis Sisneros (he/him)

Jennifer Sulin-Stair (she/her)

Rae Sweet (they/them)

Cai Thomas (they/them)

tree turtle (tree/she/her/ma'am)

Jorge Herrera Valderrábano (he/him)

Iris Zhan (she/they)

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