Early College Credit & Start College Now Program

Beginning Fall 2018, high school students at public and private high schools in Wisconsin can earn college credit through the Early College Credit Program (ECCP). A student selected for the program may be permitted to enroll in a UW System institution, or an alternative private, non-profit institution of higher education (IHE) to take one or more courses for which the student may earn high school credit, post-secondary credit, or both. Under ECCP, the costs of the courses are shared among the IHE, the school district or private school, the state, and in some cases the student’s family.

This is a program that allows high school students to earn COLLEGE credit during their high school years. Make sure you pay attention to the application deadlines, they are very strict and set by the state. You will need to apply by March 1st the year prior to when you want to participate in the program 1st semester, and by October 1st for 2nd semester. Mr. Johnson in student services is the point person for any student interested in this program.

The first step is always to meet with your assigned school counselor!

*Information and application can be downloaded below