College applications

Applying to a college, university or technical college:

  1. To apply to the UW system go to
  2. To apply to private schools go directly to the schools website
  3. To apply to WCTC go to
  4. If you are not applying to a WI school go directly to that schools website


Requesting transcripts for a college/university/technical college

  1. Go to
  2. Sign up to create your account with Parchment
  3. Add Hamilton High School to your Parchment account
  • Click the get started button
  • Add Hamilton High School
  • Complete wavier information
  • Complete the Transcript Authorization Form by either entering the Parchment Registration Code or electronically signing the form
  • Receive confirmation that your school has been added and begin placing transcript requests by selecting the “Deliver” tab

4. Request delivery of your transcript to any destination worldwide.

  • Select the destinations, such as Academic Destinations, the NCAA, the Common Application, yourself or any other destination (Review destinations after you select them)
  • Provide debit/credit card payment for fees associated with the request ($6/transcript)

Common Application

  1. Create an account at and record your Common App ID number.
  2. Use the “School Forms” section of the Common App Online to invite your counselor/teachers to be recommenders. (you will need their name/e mail address) This will trigger an email message to your counselor providing instructions on how to submit school forms online.
  3. Confirm with your counselor in person that he or she intends to submit school forms.
  4. Your counselor will upload your official transcript for you and submit it with their counselor forms.
  5. For mid-year and final transcripts you MUST meet with your counselor. These will not be sent automatically.

Sending ACT scores

  1. Go to
  2. Login to the account (same login as for registration)
  3. Under info tab click on “send your scores”
  4. Follow ACT web account directions and send scores to each school you’re applying to

*Any student experiencing financial hardship or who is on free or reduced lunch is eligible for up to four free transcripts and unlimited application fee waivers to any postsecondary school. Please make an appointment with your counselor for more information.