5th Grade

Tatem Tigers

Academic Supplies:

Math (blue): Your child will have two Math Journals (1 & 2) that they can keep in their math cubby or desk. They will also be given a homelink book that should stay home.

Reading (yellow): Your child will need an independent reading novel. Students also need a notebook. This will be used to journal about the novels they are reading, so please remember to bring your independent novel and reading notebook everyday.

Writing (red): Your child is going to have a composition book, referred to as their "Idea Book", that will travel back and forth from home and school, as well as a folder for taking home papers o school each day.

Social Studies (Green): Your child will receive a textbook. Your child will be completing social studies assignments in their workbook online. Please keep this book at home. It does not need to come to school each day.

Specials (black folder): more information listed under "Specials Information"

Take Home Folder (Orange): Any projects, assignments, information that will arrive via backpack mail