VHS Counseling Mission and Vision Statement

Valhalla High School

Counseling Department


September 2020


The Valhalla High School counseling team is committed to providing a comprehensive counseling and guidance program as a vehicle to assist students in acquiring and using life-long learning and coping skills. Our goal is to implement a proactive and preventative program that supports student achievement in the areas of academic, career, personal/social development, and post-secondary planning.

The school counseling program at Valhalla High School upholds a comprehensive and proactive school counseling program that prioritizes students’ academic, social-emotional, and career goals. We strive to create meaningful relationships with not only students but also parents, teachers, and any significant figure that will help us best support our students and helps us enable our students to be successful, lifelong learners, and productive citizens. With collaboration and strong relationships, the program is able to empower students and support them in maximizing their potential and talents. The VHS counseling program is committed to having a data-informed program in order to create academic success, socio-emotional growth, address college and career gaps, and equity for all students.


All students of Valhalla High School are unique and inclusive learners who will recognize their value and worth and will find their own personal way to contribute to our society. They invite diversity, are compassionate, and will strive to overcome the challenges that come from an ever-changing global workforce. Our students will graduate and be equipped with problem-solving, critical thinking, and leadership skills needed to accomplish both their short and long term goals.


As Professional School Counselors We Believe:

  • EVERY student has the right to be served by the school counseling program and receive all opportunities and resources that we offer.

  • EVERY student can succeed when empowered and supported with the necessary tools and guidance.

  • School counselors are advocates for the needs of our students especially for their academic, personal/social, and/or college and career-related needs.

  • Nurturing all students social and emotional well-being will contribute to their academic achievement

  • It is crucial and necessary for school counselors to collaborate with educational stakeholders in order to meet students’ needs and increase equity.

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