Windham High School

Course of Studies

Windham High School's 2022-23 Course of Studies is written to assist you, the student, to plan your program of studies. We encourage you to begin a series of conversations with your parents, teachers, counselors, and peers about your future aspirations and the course work required to meet your goals.

Wednesday, March 1

Windham High School Course Registration Process

  1. Log into Infinite Campus.

  2. Select More, then Course Registration, then 2023-24 WHS.

  3. Review the “required courses” recommended by your teachers.

  4. Review course descriptions in the Course of Studies.

  5. Click “Add Course”.

  6. Search by course name or number and select the course you want.

  7. Click “Add Request” or “Add Alternate”.

  8. Add your total number of courses.

    • 6 minimum credits

    • 8 maximum credits (7.5 if you have a lab science), plus alternates

    • Ignore “scheduling units” numbers - not important for our process

  9. Reach out to your counselor with any questions!