Personalized Learning Initiative

A handbook to assist students and parents in our rollout of 1:1 Chromebook implementation. Portions were adapted, with permission, from Mauldin High School.

Greenville County School recognizes the importance of preparing students for 21st Century careers. The Personalized Learning Initiative, launched in August 2016, focuses on instruction that is:

  • Paced to the learning needs of students
  • Tailored to the learning preferences of students
  • Customized to the interests of students

The Personalized Learning Initiative attempts to engage students in real-world, authentic learning that prepares students for their future in a world of digital technology and information. In order to accomplish our Personalized Learning Goals, every Ralph Chandler Middle School student will be given a Dell Chromebook 11 as the vehicle to power their learning.

About the Ralph Chandler Middle School Personalized Learning Program

The policies, procedures, and information contained in this document apply to all Chromebooks used at Ralph Chandler Middle School as well as any other device the RCMS Administration determines falls under the umbrella of these policies and procedures. The RCMS Administration and Greenville County Schools reserves the right to alter, edit, and update this policy throughout the year. Students and Parents will be notified of these changes and updates as they happen via phone message and web page updates.

View a short video from Greenville County Schools regarding the Personalized Learning Initiative HERE