Scouting gives huge benefits to children and young adults. It nurtures confidence, and an amazing combination of independence and team-working.

But it’s also a fantastic opportunity for adults who are involved. Adults who help in all capacities, from scout leaders through adult helpers to committee members and maintenance teams are the lifeblood of scouting.

What many people don’t realise is that no adult needs to have any scouting background to get involved – all you need is to be interested in helping young people to develop or perhaps some relevant experience or your skills - and then the Scout Association takes care of everything else!

Bear Grylls is our Chief Scout but you don’t need to be Bear to help!!! The Duchess of Cambridge finds the time to help at Beavers.

And it’s so rewarding to step up to help out.

You will get a huge buzz from seeing the youngsters have a great time while learning life skills. You’ll make friends with parents and leaders who share the same values, to help young people to develop.

And, we offer introductory tuition if you are new, and if you want (and only if you want), you can get further training in all things Scouts to help you with all of this.

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