How to gain your Nights Away Permit

  1. Attend nights away events to gain the experience necessary to satisfy an examiner that you know how to run the events and prove that you know all the sections in the assessment guide.
  2. Complete the Nights Away Permit application form and send it to the District NAA
  3. A Nights Away assessor will be allocated to you. They will agree with you how the assessment is undertaken, depending on your experience and knowledge. It is highly likely that they will assess you when you next have a camp, where you are the Event Leader.
  4. As part of this event, they should, with the assistance of Permit Holder, complete the Nights Away Notification (NAN) form, at least 7 days prior to the camp.

The assessor is there to assist you to gain your permit and will guide you through the process and help you where they can - they are not there to catch you out or make it difficult, but purely to ensure you can successfully, and safely, take young people away for nights away events in the future.

Documents should be kept from all camps that were relevant to your role in any camp to assist with the assessment (subject to GDPR of course, so delete/remove names etc etc).


All Nights Away events should be notified to the NAA/Commissioner at least 7 days prior to the event. An automated form is available:

Nights Away Notification Automated Form

or the electronic version is here NAN

Current District Nights Away Advisers

The District have the following advisers/assessors who can assess for a NA Permit, up to their own level:

Keith Millar (co-ordinator) - Greenfield

Chris Pinnell - Greenfield

Kevin Young - Greenfield

Alistair Moore - Greenfield

Caroline Campbell - Campsite

Andy Till - Campsite

The is received by Keith who will co-ordinate any permit applications and pass on the notifications to the correct person.