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Frome Running Club 5k spreadsheet 2021

Club records - Women 2020

If anyone finds any mistakes, incorrect times, incorrect names, omissions or people

placed in the

wrong age category please email me at so that I can make this

list as accurate as

possible. Thank you.

Club Top Ten: Women Under 11 Girls

Long Jump

2.59m Mary Evans Yeovil 2015

2.43m Bethan Davis Yeovil 2015

2.05m Danielle Ross Yeovil 2015

Under 13 Girls

70m hurdles

16.29s Pippa Turner Yate 2013

17.96s Danielle Ross Swindon 2016

18.02s Mary Evans Street 2017


10.12 Emma Davis Yeovil 2018


14.4s Nichola Coles Plymouth 1995

16.43s Bethan Davis Street 2017

17.00s Mary Evans Street 2017

18.88s Aimee Bailey Street 2017

18.13 Danielle Ross Swindon 2016


27.7s Nichola Coles Braunton 1995


30.3s Nichola Coles Plymouth 1995

32.75s Scarlet Kincaid Yeovil 2017

39.39s Danielle Ross Swindon 2016


2m 10.49s Scarlet Kincaid Street 2017

2m 16.14s Emma Davis Yeovil 2018


2m 40.12s Scarlet Kincaid Yeovil 2018

3m 9s Isabelle Tibbetts Street 2014

3m 11.99s Bethan Davis Yeovil 2017

3m 26.2s Danielle Ross Swindon 2016

3m 39.22s Mary Evans Street 2017

3m 46.14s Aimee Bailey Street 2017


5m 37.28 Scarlet Kincaid Yeovil 2017

6m 35.29s Bethan Davis Yeovil 2017

Shot Put 2.72kg

5.82m Mary Evans Yeovil 2017

5.35m Aimee Bailey Yeovil 2017

4.74m Nichola Coles Plymouth 1995

3.73m Bethan Davis Street 2017

Discus 0.75kg

12.64m Mary Evans Street 2017

Javelin 400g10.02m Mary Evans Street 2017

Long Jump

3.35m Nichola Coles Braunton 1995

3.01m Mary Evans Yeovil 20172.85m Isabelle Tibbetts Street 2014

2.71m Bethan Davis Street 2017

2.59m Mary Evans Yeovil 2015

2.43m Bethan Davis Yeovil 2015

2.37m Niamh Ward Street 2014

2.24m Aimee Bailey Street 2017

2.23m Polly Bradshaw Yate 2013

2.05m Danielle Ross Yeovil 2015

High Jump

1.20m Mary Evans Yeovil 2017

1.15m Bethan Davis Yeovil 2017

1.10m Nichola Coles Yeovil 1995

Under 15 Girls

Long Jump

3.71m Fleur Nielsen Yeovil 2016

3.27m Mia Regler Yeovil 2013

3.34m Mary Evans Street 2019

2.94m Bethan Davis Street 2018

3.24m Isabelle Tibbetts Yeovil 2015

2.23m Polly Bradshaw Yate 2013

3.13m Bailey Greatley Bath 2017

High Jump

1.30m Mary Evans Street 2019

1.25m Bethan Davis Yeovil 2019

Shot Put 3kg

7.34m Mary Evans Yeovil 2019

Shot Put 3.25kg

7.89m Bailey Greatley Swindon 2018

5.90m Mary Evans Street 2018

Discus (1kg)

19.46m Bailey Greatley Swindon 2018

Javelin (500g)

16.51m Mary Evans Street 2019


1295pts Mary Evans Street 2019

75m Hurdles

16.47s Mary Evans Street 2019


14.4s Mia Regler Yate 2013

14.85s Fleur Nielsen Yeovil 2015

15.80s Bethan Davis Street 2018


30.95s Mia Regler Yeovil 2013


2m 32.47s Scarlet Kincaid Yeovil 2019

2m 58.24s Bethan Davis Yeovil 20192m 58.61s Isabelle Tibbetts Yeovil 2015

3m 26.49s Mary Evans Street 2018


6m 37.11s Cherry Bruce Yate 2013

1500m (road)

5m 16s Linda Harrison Bath 1985

6m 11s V. Lee Bath 1985

Under 17 Girls

80m hurdles16.41s Rosie Attwell Street 2017

High Jump

1.39m Rosie Attwell Street 2017

Long Jump

3.90m Rosie Attwell Street 2017

Shot Put 3kg

8.14m Rosie Attwell Street 2017

Javelin 500g

19.95m Rosie Attwell Street 2017


2296pts Rosie Attwell Street 2017


16.95s Courtney Burfoot Yeovil 2015


30.56s Rosie Attwell Street 2017


2m 31.2s Linda Harrison Somerset Champs 1987

4m 04.37s Rosie Attwell Street 2017

1000m (track)

3m 21s Linda Harrison Yeovil 1987

1500m (track)

5m 4s Linda Harrison Swindon 1987

1500m (road)

6m 01s J. Davis Bath 1985

Under 20 Women

High Jump

1.30m Fleur Nielsen Yeovil 2019

Long Jump

3.90m Fleur Nielsen Street 2019

3.11m Kitty Peyton Street 2019

Javelin 600g

16.05m Fleur Nielsen Street 2019

12.64m Kitty Peyton Street 2019


14.15s Fleur Nielsen Yeovil 2019


29.79s Fleur Nielsen Yeovil 2019


2m 58.21s Fleur Nielsen Street 2019

3m 24.24s Kitty Peyton Street 2019Senior Women


28.20m M. Hedges Bath 1993


65.6s Maureen Wooldridge Somerset Champs 1987

75.3s Becky Lee Bath 1993


2m 25.3s Maureen Wooldridge Somerset Champs 1987

2m 28.5s Linda Harrison Melksham 1988

2m 31.1s Belinda Singer Somerset Champs 1987


5m 01s Linda Harrison Whitchurch 1989

5m 37.6s Becky Lee Bath 1993

1 mile (track)

5m 33s Linda Harrison Yate 19893km (track)

10m 34s Linda Harrison Yeovil 1990

10m 39.5s Sue Holman Somerset Champs 1987

10m 52.66s Georgie Starkie Yeovil 2012


18m 00.5s Linda Harrison Midsomer Norton 1988

18m 56s Katherine Uphill Heddington 2018

18m 57s Georgie Starkie Yeovilton 2012

19m 19s Sue Stockton Bath 1985

19m 52s Nikki Gilbert Yeovil 2002

19m 55s Vicky Plummer Yeovil 2006

22m 28s Margaret Wooldridge Bath 1985

22m 42s Becky Lee Bath 1985

5 miles

29m 22s Maureen Wooldridge Frome 1989

30m 23s Linda Harrison Frome 1989

31m 42s Katharine Uphill Foxtrot 5 2018

34m 10s Vicky Plummer Baltonsborough 2006

35m 27s Lorraine Matthews Frome 1990?


38m 22s Katharine Uphill Yeovilton 2017

38m 36s Linda Harrison Marlborough 1990

39m 53s Georgie Starkie Bromham 2012

42m 04s Vicky Plummer Bath 2006

44m 18s Caroline Rea Bromham 2014

44m 20s Lauren Penny Calne 2014

46m 09s Lisa Hibberd Pewsey 2006

46m 46s Sarah Wallace Yeovilton 2013

47m 37s Kirsten Anderson Bromham 2010

47m 48s Ann Huggett Frome 2014


1h 07m 44s Katharine Uphill Wiltshire 10 2018

1h 10m 34s Vicky Plummer Glastonbury 2006

1h 21m 17s Zoe Daly Wiltshire 10 2018

1h 30m 14s Lisa Hibberd Portsmouth 2006

1h 36m 49s Emma Bates (Bailey) Portsmouth 20051h 44m 00s Kate D’Inverno

Portsmouth 2006

Half marathon

1h 25m 33s Georgie Starkie Bath 2013

1h 26m 42s Laura Holton Ras Al Khaimah, UAE 2016

1h 27m 40s Katharine Uphill Bath 2017

1h 33m 31s Vicky Plummer Cardiff 2006

1h 38m 38s Claire Woods Bath 2010

1h 40m 24s Ann Huggett Bristol 2011

1h 41m 05s Caroline Rea Bath 2011

1h 41m 46s Jenny Fisher Bath 2010

1h 42m 58s Anna Preddy Bath 2015

1h 43m 22s Kirsten Anderson Bath 2011


2h 57m 38s Georgie Starkie 2013

3h 09m 31s Laura Holton Gloucester 2016

3h 24m 57s Vicky Plummer London 2006

4h 19m 55s Anna Preddy London 2014

4h 43m 20s Sarah Wallace London 20134h 55m 49s Zoe Daly Abingdon 2011


Hammer Throw (4k)

10.08m Sarah Davis Yeovil 2013


16.5s Sarah Davis Yeovil 2013


21m 17s Lauren Penny Yeovilton 2017

23m 26s Jo Fordham Yeovil 2006

23m 50s Jenny Antell Street 1998

25m 25s Lisa Hibberd Yeovil 2006

5 miles

33m 02s Becky Lee Frome 1996

41m 13s Helen James Foxtrot 5 2018


44m 13s Lauren Penny Frome 2017

44m 16s Jo Fordham Bromham 2006

44m 18s Caroline Rea Bromham 2014

48m 42s Heidi Pullyblank Bromham 2014

49m 16s Sharon Arnold Wells 2011

49m 17s Jo Kirk Frome 2013

49m 39s Lynn Brand Calne 2015

49m 56s Kate Wareham Bromham 2013

50m 31s Ann Huggett Warminster 2018

51m 42s Emma Surridge Devizes 2015

Half Marathon

1h 32m 04a Laura Holton Lausanne 2019

1h 39m 08s Lauren Penny Reading 2015

1h 39m 48s Caroline Rea Bath 2014

1h 41m 09s Jo Fordham Bath 2011

1h 44m 19s Monique Bianchi Frome 2012

1h 47m 57s Jo Kirk Bath 20141h 51m 14s Emma Surridge Frome 2015

1h 51m 45s Stacy Burgess Bath 2011

1h 55m 38s Natalie George Yeovil 2016

1h 57m 46s Maritsa Harrington Bath 2016


4h 46m 07s Stacy Burgess London 2012

4h 55m 11s Zoe Boulton Abingdon 2011



20m 11s Janice Bryant Street 1998

20m 19s Becky Lee Street 1998

21m 34s Caroline Rea Frome 2019

22m 43s Jo Fordham Yeovilton 2012

26m 40s Emma Evans Frome 2018

5 miles

36m 00s Caroline Rea Chippenham 2019

36m 50s Jo Fordham Baltonsborough 2013


42m 10s Becky Lee Cleveden 1999

42m 58s Janice Bryant W.S.M. 1998

44m 16s Jo Fordham Bromham 2013

46m 08s Caroline Rea Bromham 2018

46m 43s Debbie Craven-Smith Bromham 201547m 52s Sara Marshall Yeovilton 2014

49m 16s Sharon Arnold Wells 2011

49m 39s Victoria Penman Corsham 2017

49m 56s Kate Wareham Bromham 2013

50m 37s Amy Gates Frome 2013

10 miles

1h 16m 36s Jo Fordham Portsmouth 2015

1h 27m 48s Laura Francis Bournemouth 2018

1h 36m 32s Sarah Perrett Chippenham 2018

Half Marathon

1h 38m 52s Debbie Craven-Smith Bournemouth 2014

1h 39m 15s Jo Fordham Gosport 2013

1h 45m 13s Sara Marshall Bath 2014

1h 45m 37s Emma Surridge Bath 2016

1h 46m 24s Victoria Penman Bath 2016

1h 49m 58s Amy Gates Bath 2012

1h 50m 10s Kate Wareham Gosport 2013

1h 57m 33s Simone Dumergue Bath 2010

1h 57m 33s Carolyn Nicholls Bristol 2013

1h 58m 09s Michelle Caines Weymouth 2018


3h 37m 54s Debbie Craven-Smith London 2015

3h 44m 35s Joanne Fordham London 2016

3h 54m 15s Victoria Penman Edinburgh 2016

4h 10m 47s Kate Wareham Edinburgh 2015

4h 14m 43s Simone Dumergue Brighton 2012

4h 26m 42s Lucy Gaffney London 20144h 29m 09s Karen Evans London 2006

4h 51m 34s Emma Flexon London 2016

5h 00m 28s Vicki Trundle Barrow 2019

5h 07m 17s Jude O’Connor London 2015



19m 42s Becky Lee Yeovilton 2000

21m 46s Jo Fordham Yeovilton 2019

24m 43s Julie Chilvers Trowbridge 2018

5 miles

33m 46s Becky Lee Swindon 1999

36m 14s Jo Fordham Baltonsborough 2019


41m 00s Becky Lee Bromham 2000

44m 36s Jo Fordham Bromham 2019

49m 07s Julie Chivers Warminster 2018

50m 04s Jo Riley Bristol 2015

52m 16s Karen Evans Shepton Mallet 2010

52m 40s Rachel Brenni Bromham 2018

53m 24s Jayne Lewis Corsham 2014

53m 24s Judy Bryant Bromham 2014

54m 22s Ellie Swinhoe Shrewton 2019

56m 56s Sue Watts Shepton Mallet 2010


1h 10m 50s Becky Lee Great Western 1998

1h 36m 2s Ellie Swinhoe Chippenham 2019

1h 44m 45s Jo Fordham Stickler 10 2018

Half Marathon1h 38m 08s Becky Lee Great North Run 2001

1h 49m 07s Jo Riley Gosport 2013

1h 52m 57s Julie Chivers Bournemouth 2018

1h 53m 42s Jacqui Betts Bishops Caundle 2012

1h 57m 29s Jo Riley Cardiff 2015

1h 57m 33s Judy Bryant Blackpool 2013

2h 02m 12s Rachel Brenni Bournemouth 2017

2h 05m 43s Jane Hawkins Bath 2015

2h 09m 40s Lucy Gaffney Great North Run 2018

2h 11m 42s Lynette Grimstead Cardiff 2014


3h 48m 42s Jacqui Betts London 2015

4h 18m 46s Fleur Rush London 2016

4h 31m 29s Lucy Gaffney Dorchester 2017

4h 43m 50s Judy Bryant Abingdon 2013

4h 54m 50s Angela Smith Abingdon 2014

5h 03m 45s Lucy Gaffney London 2018

5h 03m 48s Sue Watts London 2011

5h 34m 33s Elizabeth Davies Liverpool 2011

5h 43m 33s Lynette Grimstead London 2017

5h 55m 47s Julie Chilvers Portland 2018FV50


16.16s Annette Burkitt Birmingham 2005


33.21s Annette Burkitt Cardiff 2005


75.23s Annette Burkitt Exeter 2005

77.8s Becky Lee Millfield 2005


2m 47.5s Becky Lee Yeovil 2005

2m 58.77 Annette Burkitt Cardiff 2005

3km (track)

11m 40.2s Becky Lee Basingstoke 2005


20m 51s Becky Lee Street 2001

22m 16s Annette Burkitt Yeovilton 2004

25m 10s Margaret Plummer Yeovil 2006

5 miles

38m 46s Annette Burkitt Weston 2004

46m 17s Margaret Plummer Baltonsborough 2006


41m 25s Becky Lee Bromham 2001

47m 47s Lynn Brand Bromham 2015

48m 34s Annette Burkitt Langport 2004

48m 37s Margaret Plummer Bath 2006

49m 01s Jacqui Betts Yeovilton 2013

49m 33s Sarah Smallbone Westbury 2018

51m 06s Angela Smith Yeovilton 2014

53m 43s Sara Elliott Bromham 2014

53m 55s Jo Riley Bristol 2016

54m 15s Mandy Aston Bromham 2014


1h 20m 16s Lynn Brand Melksham 2016

1h 22m 16s Annette Burkitt Gloucester 20041h 22m 47s Sarah Smallbone Chippenham 2019

1h 23m 15s Margaret Plummer Glastonbury 2006

1h 29m 58s Sara Elliott Chippenham 2018

1h 32m 32s Sally Brooker Chippenham 2018

1h 50m 10s Nicola Player Portsmouth 2011

Half Marathon

1h 41m 06s Jacqui Betts Thames Ditton 2016

1h 44m 56s Lynn Brand Bath 2016

1h 50m 47s Margaret Plummer Bath 2006

1h 54m 53s Annette Burkitt Cheddar 2003

1h 55m 45s Sarah Smallbone Bath 2017

1h 59m 35s Mandy Aston Bath 2011

1h 59m 50s Sally Brooker Chippenham 2018

2h 02m 38s Sara Elliott Cardiff 2014

2h 04m 02s Fiona Norris Cardiff 2014

2h 07m 43s Angela Smith Cardiff 2015

Marathon4h 40m 55s Sara Elliott London 2014

4h 47m 002 Margaret Plummer Cardiff 2006

4h 50m 21s Sally Brooker Edinburgh 2019

4h 54m 50s Angela Smith Abingdon 2014

4h 48m 19s Fiona Norris London 2014

5h 07m 19s Angela Smith London 2016



33.28s Annette Burkitt Cardiff 2006


74.26s Annette Burkitt Yeovil 2005


3m 3.75s Annette Burkitt Cardiff 2006


48m 42s Lynn Brand Castle Combe 2019

54m 40s Anne Porter Bromham 2013

55m 16s Mandy Aston Shepton Mallet 2006

56m 05s Margaret Plummer Shepton Mallet 2010

61m 58s Barbara Coate Frome 2013

69m 47s Nicola Player London 2012

10 miles

1h 22m 39s Lynn Brand Wiltshire 2019

1h 34m 11s Mandy Aston Portsmouth 2006

1h 29m 58s Sara Elliott Chippenham 2018

Half Marathon

1h 47m 15s Lynn Brand Bath 2019

2h 01m 18s Anne Porter Bristol 2014

2h 04m 14s Sara Elliott Chippenham 2018

2h 16m 54s Barbara Coate Bath 2014

20 miles

3h 01m 55s Lynn Brand Wimborne 2020


3h 56m 36s Lynn Brand Edinburgh 2017



28m 49s Anne Porter Frome 2018

45m 25s Judith Anderson Frome 2019

5 Miles44m 55s Anne Porter Highworth 2018


57m 09s Anne Porter Two Tunnels 2019

62m 45s Sheila Harrison Bromham 2013


2h 00m 37s Anne Porter Sodbury 2018

Half Marathon

2h 2m 55s Anne Porter Bath 2018


4h 35m 42s Anne Porter Brighton

Club records - Men 2020

If anyone finds any mistakes, incorrect times, incorrect names, omissions or people placed in the

wrong age category please email me at so that I can make this list as accurate as

possible. Thank you.

Club records: Men Under 11 Boys

Long Jump

3.09m Jaydon Ojjerro Street 2014

3.08m Rufus Poole Yeovil 2015

2.87m Oliver Hawker Street 2014

2.61m James Curtis Street 2014

1.96m Eddie Bruce Yate 2013

Under 13 Boys

Long Jump

5.16m Tim Davis Somerset Champion 1987

4.03m Jaydon Ojjerro Yeovil 2018

3.79m Louis Simpson Street 2017

3.67m Samuel Evans Yeovil 2015

3.61m Joel Newland Yeovil 2013

3.09m Jack Tibbets Street 2014

2.61m James Curtis Yeovil 2015

2.50m Kimi Endicott Yeovil 2016

1.77m Victor Watts Exeter 2013

High Jump

1.30m Louis Walker Street 2016

1.15m Tim Davis Bath 1984

75m Hurdles

15.2s Louis Walker Street 2016

15.7s Tim Davis Melksham 1984


9.75s Christian Lilleystone Yeovil 2018


14.00s Tim Davis 1984

14.76s Jaydon Ojjero Yeovil 2018

15.37s Joel Newland Yeovil 2013

16.63s Samuel Fordham Yeovil 2015

16.69s Louis Wareham Yeovil 2013


30.5s Tim Davis Melksham 1984

31.73s Jack Bishop Yeovil 2017

36.38s Louis Wareham Yeovil 2013

37.7s James Curtis Yeovil 2015

40.0s Victor Watts Yeovil 2013


2m 30.12s Felix Jones Yate 2014

2m 44.35s Jack Bishop Yeovil 2017

2m 48s Tim Davis Weymouth 1984

2m 55.02s Samuel Evans Yeovil 2015

3m 02.22s Louis Walker Yeovil 2015

3m 03.02s Joel Newland Yeovil 20133m 06.0s Isaac Bennett-Griffin Street 2014

3m 08.8s James Curtis Yeovil 2015

3m 31.3s Victor Watts Yeovil 2013


4m 48s Tim Davis Bath 1984

6m 08.5s James Curtis Yeovil 2015

7m 17.88s Victor Watts Exeter 2013

1500 (road)

4m 56s Tim Davis Bath 1985

4m 56s Max Bainton Bath 1985

5m 05s A. Baker Bath 1985

5m 58s C. Booth Bath 1985

5m 58s J. Hudson Bath 1985

5 miles

32m 50s Tim Davis Frome 1984

Under 15 Boys

Long Jump

3.85m Samuel Evans Street 2017

3.10m Louis Walker Street 2017

3.07m Andrew Grimstead Yeovil 2013

High Jump

1.60m Luca Morgan Street 2015

1.45m Samuel Evans Street 2017

1.18m Louis Walker Street 2017

Pole Vault

3.15m Oliver Hawker Crawley 2018

Shot Put 4kg

6.71m Samuel Evans Street 2017

4.12m Louis Walker Street 2017

Discus 1.25kg

20.66m Samuel Evans Street 2017

Javelin 600g

19.09m Samuel Evans Street 2017


1218pts Samuel Evans Street 2017

80m hurdles

16.74s Samuel Evans Street 2017

17.11s Louis Walker Yeovil 2017


12.7s Kofi Barton-Byfield Yeovil 2017

13.2s Luca Morgan Street 2015

14.69s Barnaby Turner Yate 2013

15.69s Andrew Grimstead Yeovil 2013


26.9s N. Kift Bath 1993

27.1s Luca Morgan Street 2015


2m 51.55s Samuel Evans Street 2017


6m 03.28s Louis Walker Yeovil 20173000m (track)

14m 38.75s Victor Watts Yeovil 2015

3000m (road)

9m 56s G. Butler Bath 1985

10m 33s J. Mallon Bath 1985

11m 12s M. Neenan Bath 1985

11m 23s J. Davis Bath 1985

11m 43s K. Davis Bath 1985

12m 01s G. Davis Bath 1985

12m 31s C. Hand Bath 1985

Under 17 boys

High Jump

1.60m Samuel Evans Street 2018

1.35m Rory Watts Yeovil 2013

Javelin (700g)

24.46m Samuel Evans Street 2018


11.62s Kofi Barton-Byfield Yeovil 2018

13.72s Andrew Grimstead Yeovil 2015


28.9s Rory Watts Yeovil 2013


2m 05.6s M. Neenan Yeovil 1987

3m 16.2s Rory Watts Yeovil 2013

1500meters (track)

4m 23.58s M. Neenan County Champs 1987

4m 32.5s Pete Grist BMC PB Classic 2000

3000m walk

21m 13.8s K. Butler Yeovil 1987

3000m (road)

9m 52s Richard Butterfield Bath 1985

5k (road)

16m 15s Pete Grist Street 5k 2000

17m 44s Richard Antell Street 1999

20m 13s Dan Berryman Yeovilton 2010

30m 37s Thomas Bennett Frome 2013

5 miles

27m 26s Pete Grist Hanney 2000

29m 46s Richard Antell Swindon 1999


42m 18s Dan Berryman Bromham 2010

47m 46s Nathaniel Collier Frome 2015

65m 24s Thomas Bennett Easter Bunny 2013

Junior men (under 20)

800 (track)

1m 58.9s J. Mallon Yeovil 1987

1500 m (track)

4m 05.8s Richard Butterfield Yeovil 19874m 06.1s J. Mallon Yeovil 1987

3km (track)

8m 59s Richard Butterfield Yeovil 1987

10m 36.8s Dan Berryman Lee Valley 2012

5K (road)

15m 44s Pete Grist Yeovilton 2001

19m 20s Dan Berryman Yeovilton 2011

5 Miles

24m 45s Richard Butterfield Frome 1986


40m 38s Dan Berryman Bromham 2011

47m 46s Nathaniel Collier Frome 2015

62m 03s Rory Watts Frome 2015

Half Marathon

1h 29m 17s Dan Berryman Bath 2012

1h 44m 54s Nathaniel Collier Bath 2016

Men (under 23)

3000m (track)

10m 36s Dan Berryman Yeovil 2013

10m 56.69s Damon Lanfear Yeovil 2013


18m 27s Dan Berryman Yeovilton 2013

10km (road)

39m 27s Dan Berryman Easter Bunny 2013

46m 03s Shane Ford Calne 2016

10 miles

1h 05m 08s Dan Berryman Melksham 2013

Half Marathon

1h 25m 19s Dan Berryman Bath 2013

1h 50m 23s Shane Ford Bath 2016

Senior Men


27.48m Alan Berry Yeovil 1982

Shot Put

8.16m Tim Davis Yeovil 2012


18.16m Tim Davis Street 2012

14.14m Alan Berry Yeovil 1982

Long Jump

4.95m Tim Davis Street 2012

4.22m Phil Alden 1983

High Jump

1.45m D. Yates Bath 1993


12.0s Steve Lewis Melksham 1987

12.4s Neil Crowe Melksham 1987

12.5s D. Yates Bath 1993

12.99s Tim Davis Yeovil 201213.00s Phil Alden 1983

13.3s S. Fear Bath 1993

14.8s Stuart Hodgkiss Bath 1987


27.78s Tim Davis Yeovil 2012

28.8s Phil Alden Bath 1987

31.8s Mike Butler Bath 1987

32.1s Alan Berry Yeovil 1982


54.3s Neil Crowe Melksham 1987

55.1s Kevin Pill Melksham 1987

62.29s Tim Davis Street 2012

62.6s S. Fear Bath 1993


2m 00.9s Alan Thorner Plymouth 1987

2m 01.9s Kevin Pill Melksham 1987

2m 02.6s Neil Crowe Melksham 1987

2m 06.8s Jon Grimes Melksham 1987

2m 06.5s M. Neenan Plymouth 1987

2m 09.7s Peter Grist Yeovil 2018

2m 09.9s Phil Alden Bath 1983

2m 10.8s Steve Lewis Melksham 1987

2m 10.9s Stuart Hodgkiss Bath 1987

2m 10.9s Gary Butler Bath 1987

1500m (track)

4m 13.60s Joseph Donworth Exeter 2019

4m 15s Gary Butler Somerset County Champs 1988

4m 18.28s Peter Grist Exeter 2018

4m 27s Phil Alden Somerset County Champs 1988

1 mile (track)

4m 39s Joseph Donworth Meteor Mile 2018

4m 40s Pete Grist Shapwick 2016

4m 45.1s Richard Butterfield Yeovil 1987

4m 48.8s Stuart Hodgkiss Yeovil 1987

4m 50.6s Gary Butler Yeovil 1987

4m 57.9s Colin Knight Yeovil 1987

5m 09.1s Phil Alden Yeovil 1987

5m 13.3s David Wooldridge Yeovil 1987

2km steeplechase

7m 42.8s Joseph Donworth Hemel Hempstead 2019

3km steeplechase

9m 54.4s Stuart Hodgkiss Yeovil 1987

10m 31s Phil Alden Yeovil 1987

3000m walk

15m 46.4s Phil Alden Plymouth 1987

3km (track)

9m 01.8s Richard Butterfield Yeovil 1987

9m 19s Gary Butler Yeovil 1987

9m 14.2s Stuart Hodgkiss Bath 1987

9m 40.3s Peter Grist Yeovil 2018

9m 47.6s Phil Alden Bath 19879m 48.9s Ken Hodgkiss Bath 1987

9m 53.7s Lee Butler Bath 1987

11m 24.46s Damon Lanfear Sheffield 2015

5km (track)

15m 26s Stuart Hodgkiss Whitchurch 1987

15m 41s Gary Butler Yeovil 1987

15m 45.5s Phil Alden Melksham 1987

15m 56s Ricky Ashman Bath 1988

15m 56.8s Richard Butterfield Plymouth 1987

16m 05s Pat Holbourne Bath 1988

16m 25.3s Colin Knight Yeovil 1987

16m 53s Ken Hodgkiss Yeovil 1987

17m 16.8s Lee Butler Melksham 1987

17m 40s Jon Grimes Whitchurch 1987

5km (road)

14m 55s Gary Butler Melksham 1989

14m 58s Richard Butterfield Bath 1987

15m 02s Phil Alden Bath 1987

15m 17s Stuart Hodgkiss Bath 1987

15m 43s Mike Rideout Bristol 1990

16m 05s Rob Corney Bath 1985

16m 10s Neil Crowe Melksham 1989

16m 10s Jon Grimes Melksham 1990

16m 18s Pete Grist Yeovilton 2013

16m 20s John Richardson Bath 1992

5 miles

24m 29s Mike Rideout Frome 1986

24m 58s Phil Alden Westbury 1987

24m 45s Mike Grist Portsmouth 1992

25m 08s Gary Butler Portsmouth 1989

26m 13s Neil Crowe Portsmouth 1989

26m 14s Ricky Ashman Frome 1988

26m 17s Stuart Hodgkiss Portsmouth 1986

26m 37s Peter Grimes Portsmouth 1989

26m 38s Colin Knight Portsmouth 1986

26m 41s J. Burgess Frome 1996

6 miles

36m 20s Jon Grimes Biddeston 1987

39m 40s Rob Bevan Biddeston 1987

10km Road

30m 57s Mike Rideout Marlborough 1989

31m 34s Richard Butterfield Longleat 1987

32m 00s Phil Alden Clevedon 1987

32m 18s Stuart Hodgkiss Clevedon 1987

33m 57s Pete Grist Melksham 2013

34m 15s Paul Ryman Corsham 2014

34m 18s Joseph Donworth Caherdavin 2018

35m 20s Jon Grimes Midsomer Norton 1987

36m 23s Jon Coles Devizes 2008

37m 02s Steve Holman Midsomer Norton 1987

10k (track)34m 39.9s Pete Grist Dorset Championships, Poole 2001

15km (road)

49m 07s Phil Alden Churchill 1987

49m 42s Richard Butterfield Churchill 1987

10 miles

51m 11s Mike Rideout Frome 1987

51m 45s Mike Grist Fareham 1992

53m 00s Phil Alden Bourton on the Water 1988

55m 29s Colin Knight Wyvern 1987

56m 06s M. Mills Salisbury 1984

56m 12s Joseph Donworth Portsmouth 2019

56m 35s Pat Holborne Wyvern 1987

57m 00s Jon Grimes Wyvern 1987

59m 37s R. Newson Salisbury 1984

1h 00m 44s Brian Arklie Wyvern 1987

Half Marathon

1h 06m 58s Mike Rideout Stroud 1987

1h 09m 06s Phil Alden Bath 1987

1h 09m 53s Gary Butler Bath 1990

1h 10m 31s Bill Beardsmore Bath 1987

1h 13m 39s Pat Holborne Bath 1988

1h 14m 39s Joseph Donworth Bath 2019

1h 14m 39s Pete Grist Norton Radstock 2005

1h 14m 50s Paul Ryman Gosport 2014

1h 16m 33s Neil Crowe Bath 1988

20 miles

1h 59m 31s Peter Grist Gloucester 2018

2h 06m 02s Joseph Donworth Gloucester 2018


2h 24m 51s Mike Rideout London 1985

2h 28m 55s Phil Alden London 1988

2h 43m 05s Joseph Donworth Southampton 2019

2h 43m 42s Paul Ryman London 2015

2h 49m 13s Bill Beardsmore London 1987

2h 58m 38s Tom Dudden London 2007

3h 10m 06s Lee Stone Manchester 2015

3h 20m 30s Alex Francis Bournemouth 2014

3h 28m 32s Luke Oakes Bristol 2015

3h 37m 47s Henry Hayford-Taylor Sturminster Newton 2014


Long Jump

4.68m Tim Davis Yeovil 2015

High Jump

1.40m Tim Davis Yeovil 2017

Shot Put (7.6kg)

8.73m Tim Davis Yeovil 2013


29.47m Tim Davis Yeovil 2017


13.15s Tim Davis Yeovil 2013200m

26.99s Tim Davis Exeter 2013


61.28s Tim Davis Yeovil 2013

1500m (track)

5m 29.04s Tim Davis Exeter 2013


15m 34s Gary Eagle Wells 2001

17m 13s Kevin Sparey Street 1999

18m 04s Brett Flook Street 1999

18m 07s Lee Stone Yeovilton 2018

18m 19s Keith Penny Yeovilton 2015

18m 49s Stuart Antell Street 1998

20m 05s Paul Uphill Street 2005

21m 05s Alan Berry Bath 1984

21m 11s Justin Worringham Street 1995

21m 19s Paul Bryant Street 1998

5 miles

24m 46s Mike Rideout Portsmouth 1991

28m 38s Kevin Sparey Swindon 1999

30m 18s Keith Penny Baltonsborough 2013

34m 30s Alan Berry Frome 1984

6 miles

37m 50s John Edwards Biddeston 1987

39m 40s Mike Butler Biddeston 1987

42m 59s Alan Berry Andover 1983


32m 14s Mike Rideout MSN 1994

33m 33s Gary Eagle Totton 2004

37m 06s Hayden Coate Corsham 2014

37m 34s Keith Penny Yeovilton 2017

37m 50s Lee Stone Bristol 2018

39m 16s Luke Oakes Calne 2016

42m 08s Paul Uphill Yeovil 2006

42m 42s Alex Francis Sutton Veny 2018

42m 47s Nick Best Bromham 2010

43m 08s Richard Corp Corsham 2016

10 miles

1h 04m 20s Lee Stone Melksham 2016

1h 10m 18s John Edwards Bath 1988

1h 11m 14s Mike Butler Bath Hilly 10 1987

1h 12m 27s Justin Worringham New Forest 1992

Half Marathon

1h 22m 55s Hayden Coate Bath 2014

1h 23m 58s Lee Stone Bath 2019

1h 25m 36s Keith Penny Reading 2015

1h 26m 56s Jerry Rayner Salisbury 2017

1h 27m 48s James Arnall-Cullilford Frome 2017

1h 28m 48s Nick Best Bath 2014

1h 33m 32s Alan Berry Bath 1985

1h 33m 26s Jonathan Francis Frome 20161h 36m 46s Jamie Jones Bath 2017

1h 37m 00s Richard Corp Bath 2016


2h 51m 34s Jon Coles Taunton 2008

3h 00m 01s Lee Stone London 2017

3h 38m 47s Richard Corp London 2016

4h 04m 25s Alan Berry Bolton 1985

4h 56m 01s Mark Lofthouse Abingdon 2014



16m 01s Gary Eagle Yeovil 2005

20m 50s Paul Uphill Yeovil 2006

20m 56s Peter Reed Westbury 2018

20m 57s Peter Berryman Yeovilton 2013

5 miles

35m 08s Peter Reed Compton Bassett 2018


33m 21s Gary Eagle Clevedon 2005

38m 21s Peter Larman Corsham 2015

39m 31s Jerry Rayner Warminster 2017

42m 49s James Farrow Broadchalke 2006

43m 32s Justin Doherty Alcester 2015

44m 03s Peter Reed Two Tunnels 2017

44m 49s Paul Uphill Shepton Mallet 2006

45m 32s Alex Chesterton Bromham 2014

45m 58s Peter Berryman Frome 2013

10 miles

56m 53s Gary Eagle Hayling Island 2005

1h 03m 02s Pete Larman Melksham 2016

1h 15m 48s Peter Reed Wiltshire 10 2018

1h 34m 11s Mark Aston Portsmouth 2006

Half Marathon

1h 23m 07s Pete Larman Bristol 2015

1h 35m 57s Giles Padfield Frome 2015

1h 38m 05s Alex Chesterton Bristol 2014

1h 39m 17s Hayden Coate Bath 2017

1h 42m 14s Alan Berry Bath 1988

1h 42m 30s Nick Cramp Bath 2013

1h 42m 55s Chris Steele Bath 2006

1h 44m 48s Peter Reed Salisbury 2018

1h 45m 00s Marcus Gaffney Salisbury 2016

1h 49m 31s Steve Gumm Bristol 2018


2h 59m 53s Jim Plunkett-Cole London 2016

3h 18m 32s Ian Holmes London 2016

3h 51m 49s Marcus Gaffney Sturminster Newton 2016

4h 22m 45s Steve Gumm Dorchester 2018

4h 32m 32s Alex Chesterton Bristol 2015

4h 38m 00s Alan Berry London 1988

4h 42m 37s Adrian Mead Dorchester 20174h 45m 03s Graham Farley London 2014

5h 15m 28s Chris Fleming Bournemouth 2016



15.3s Steve Carroll Yate 2013


5m 46.4s Steve Carroll Yate 2013


17m 16s Mike Weston Bath 1985

17m 21s John Edwards Bath 1985

17m 29s Gary Eagle Street 2012

17m 57s Brett Sadler Yeovil 2008

18m 59s Tom Stokes Yeovil 2010

20m 15s Ian Holmes YTRRC 2018


35m 57s Gary Eagle Eastleigh 2013

38m 12s Ted Sprules Yeovil 2005

38m 52s Tom Stokes Poole 2013

39m 24s Peter Larman Warminster 2018

40m 57s Andrew Smallbone Melksham 2017

41m 29s Dave Williams Poole 2014

41m 45s Brett Sadler Sedgemoor 2006

42m 43s Nick Cooper Yeovilton 2016

43m 25s Steve Carroll Corsham 2016

10 miles

1h 06m 49s John Edwards Bath Hilly 10 1987

1h 11m 33s Andrew Smallbone Chippenham 2019

1h 19m 09s Pete Larman Sodbury 2018

Half Marathon

1h 21m 26s Gary Eagle Devizes 2012

1h 24m 04s Ted Sprules Bath 2006

1h 30m 11s Tom Stokes Grove 2014

1h 33m 45s Peter Larman Frome 2018

1h 34m 42s Nick Cooper Stratford-upon-Avon 2016

1h 36m 12s Andrew Smallbone Edington 2018

1h 37m 47s Steve Carroll Edinburgh 2015

1hr 42m 23 Harry Ebdon Fredericksburg USA 2018

1h 43m 09s Ian Holmes Frome 2018

1h 43m 53s Alan Berry Bath 1994


3h 00m 47s Ted Sprules London 2008

3h 28m 25s Nick Cooper Yeovil 2018

3h 30m 16s Steve Carroll Manchester 2015

3h 32m 41s Ian Holmes York 2019

3h 43m 59s Nick Cramp Brighton 2018

3h 56m 46s Harry Ebdon Gloucester 2019

4h 03m 54s Richard Riley London 2015

4h 08m 00s Neil Munns Brighton 2019

4h 14m 24s Alex Chesterton Taunton 20184h 27m 47s Duncan Travers London 2006


5km (road)

20m 21s Dave Williams Yeovilton 2016

28m 01s Alan Berry Mountain Ash 2001

5 miles

30m 46s John Edwards Portsmouth 1987

31m 35s Ted Sprules Baltonsborough 2006

41m 05s Chris Steele Chippenham 2019


38m 30s Gary Eagle Grittleton 2017

39m 32s Ted Sprules Yeovilton 2012

46m 48s Adrian Marchment Taunton 2016

47m 22s Chris Steele Bromham 2011

48m 42s Julian Keegan Frome 2016

57m 21s Neil Grist Longleat 2020

10 miles

1h 04m 51s John Edwards Wyvern 1987

1h 39m 55s Alan Berry Portsmouth 2002

Half Marathon

1h 32m 42s Gary Eagle Frome 2018

1h 41m 22s Roger Devereux Frome 2014

1h 43m 51s Julian Keegan Frome 2015

1h 44m 23s Martin Taylor Frome 2014

1h 49m 10s Chris Steele Bath 2017

1h 55m 56s Adrian Marchment Bath 2016

1h 57m 30s Neil Grist Cardiff 2019

1h 59m 25s John Boulton Bournemouth 2016

2h 12m 21s Richard Riley Frome 2019


3h 36m 11s Nick Jones Abingdon 2015



18m 58s Keith Robinson Yeovilton 2014

21m 12s Peter Clardy Heddington 2019

23m 21s Martin Ward Heddington 2018

5 miles

31m 48s Keith Robinson Baltonsborough 2013

33m 33s Ted Sprules Baltonsborough 2016


38m 56s Keith Robinson Yeovilton 2014

41m 05s Anthony Sprules Corsham 2014

43m 57s Peter Clardy Melksham 2019

44m 46s John Edwards MSN 1994

46m 10s Justin Worringham Yeovil 2014

46m 42s Alistair Smith Yeovilton 2012

46m 44s Martin Ward Devizes 2016

50m 30s Julian Keegan Frome 201951m 13s John Boulton Bournemouth 2019

10 miles

1h 06m 16s Keith Robinson Melksham 2017

1h 14m 42s Peter Clardy Good Friday 2019

1h 26m 06s Justin Worringham Melksham 2014

1h 37m 16s Alan Berry Portsmouth 2005

Half Marathon

1h 25m 33s Keith Robinson Bath 2014

1h 26m 49s Ted Sprules Bath 2016

1h 38 59s Peter Clardy Chippenham 2019

1h 40m 54s Justin Worringham Reading 2014

1h 43m 29s Alistair Smith Amsterdam 2012

1h 54m 24s Richard Tewkesbury Salisbury 2016

2h 03m 25s Martin Taylor Frome 2018

2h 06m 53s Mark Aston Bristol 2010


3h 06m 53s Keith Robinson Toronto 2012

4h 18m 07s Richard Tewkesbury London 2015

4h 42m 42s Alistair Smith London 2011

5h 30m 00s Martin Taylor Bath Beat 2018



37.5s Tim Burkitt Exeter 2003 (SW Vets Champs)


85.7s Tim Burkitt Exeter 2003 (SW Vets Champs)


3m 29s Tim Burkitt Tidworth 2002


25m 05s Alistair Smith Bath 2017

26m 19s Tim Burkitt Yeovil 2003

5 miles

46m 20s Tim Burkitt Weston 2003


41m 17s Ted Sprules Corsham 2019

49m 23s Alistair Smith Bromham 2015

55m 38s Richard Tewkesbury Warminster 2018

55m 47s Tim Burkitt Yeovil 2003

55m 54s Peter Lee Glastonbury 2014

65m 37s Alan Berry Cardiff 2008

10 miles

1h 46m 23s Alan Berry Portsmouth 2008

Half Marathon

1h 26m 26s Keith Robinson Yeovil 2017

1h 34m 02s Ted Sprules Frome 2018

1h 54m 30s Alistair Smith Bath 2017

1h 58m 00s Roger Minty Bath 2015

2h 08m 55s Alistair Smith Bath 2019

2h 24m 40s Alan Berry Silverstone 2008


3h 09m 13s Keith Robinson Portland, Oregon 2017V70

60m indoors

11.18s Tim Burkitt UK Masters Indoor Champs Cardiff 2005


26m 46s Tim Burkitt Frome 2003

41m 08s Alan Berry Frome 2014

5 miles

43m 25s Tim Burkitt 2003

60m 26s Alan Berry Foxtrot 5 2013


54m 40s Tim Burkitt Bromham 2003

60m 42s Peter Lee Frome 2016

76m 14s Alan Berry Yeovilton 2013

10 miles

1h 40m 49s Tim Burkitt Weston 2004


5 km

49m 01s Alan Berry Frome 2018