Surrender Your Pet

We highly recommend you do everything possible to keep your pet. As a rescue, our efforts are to keep and adopt out every animal that comes to us. With increasing surrenders, at times we must decide what is in the best interest of all parties. If the opportunity arises, we do transfer pets out to other locations. We do not guarantee placement through For Pet's Sake Rescue. 

In all owner surrender situations, you will relinquish all rights including updates. Please do not ask for exceptions. Our time and resources are best spent attending the animals directly in our care.

For Pet's Sake Rescue will not be taking in any owner surrenders until further notice. Home to home transfers are best for these animals. Please utilize resources like Facebook,, or other social media outlets before reaching out.

Did you know you can get help for your pet? Click here for more information. 

Resources for Pet Owners

There are resources to help pet owners feel confident in pet ownership and learn about why their pet's behaviors may have changed. Please see the links below for some helpful information.