For Pet's Sake Rescue wants to insure that every animal goes to a forever home that can provide their every need including future medical care should they ever need it. For this reason, we ask each person interested in adopting to complete an application. The application requests information about the potential family including their home and occupants, as well as requests a vet references. If you do not have a vet reference, please contact us directly at

We reserve the right to refuse an adoption. We know these animals on a personal level and can foresee it not being a good match for them though there are times when we have to refuse an adoption if there is a lack of confidence with the applicant.

Required: Completed application, photo ID with current address or an article of mail going to your current address in your name, and home video chat. We do not waive this process for anyone.

Adoption fees can be paid after you are given an approval. Invoices are emailed via PayPal. The deposit or transport fee holds your pet. Adoption fees are not refundable if you change your mind. Please be sure!

Do not complete an application if you are not ready for a pet or need more time.

Click the button below to get your adoption application started now.

Adoptable Pets

All of our adoptable pets are listed here. At times there are pets that are not listed on this link but have been seen on social media. We do allow adoptions prior to the animal's release date. This requires a hold fee. We will not release animals earlier than their release date. Please do not ask.

More animals are available on our Facebook page. If you are willing to wait for the purrrrfect furbaby while they grow up or start feeling better, please click here.

Potential adopters may review our adoption contracts below. During the adoption process, we will provide a hard copy to be signed. Please make sure to read through each part as we do ask that adopters provide us updates.