Register Your Microchip

For Pet's Sake Rescue microchips every adopted animal. There are two ways to register your microchip:

  1. Go to www.petstablished.com/microchipregistery

    1. Registration costs $12.99.

    2. This is a lifetime registration.

    3. Once we obtain your Adoption Application, we will send you an email with the same link information. This usually takes 7-10 days from the date of your adoption.

    4. Petstablished is the software the rescue uses. It will generate an email with all your pet's vetting documents once we complete an adoption. Registering your microchip with Petstablished will keep all their records together.

  1. Go to https://nano.tryfi.com/register

    1. This site is free!

    2. This is a lifetime registration.

If you do not register your microchip, we will register the animal to our rescue. If your pet is lost, the microchip company will contact us. Your information will not be listed unless you register your microchip.

No animal should ever get lost and not be able to find home.