Our Journey

The following guiding principles were established and these lead to the creation of goals which were shared with the community during the 2019-2020 academic year, gaining noticeable traction and visibility before the pandemic.

Guiding principles

Environment Protection

Consider CO2 Footprint in all Travel Decisions

Target Zero waste and zero losses in all operations

Social Commitment

Drive service groups and student activities that include SDG mindset

Integrate sustainability in our curriculum at all levels

FIS as role models in the community


Reduce, recycle, reuse before buying new goods

Drive ‚Green‘ Purchasing (eco-friendly suppliers) with FIS Funds


1. Aim for FIS to become a sustainable zero emissions / zero waste campus by 2030

2. Integrate sustainability in our curriculum at all levels

3. Support FIS community in fulfilling our role in society in regards to sustainability

4. Provide framework and principles to support all projects and efforts

Strategic Plan 2020-2021

Sustainability became a standalone part of the strategic plan in summer 2020 in recognition that this area is a priority focus for the school and requires significant investment in time and resources.

The focus in 2020-2021 was to expand awareness of social and environmental stewardship among all community members through programs that help students to develop the values and character attributes of the IB Learner Profile and UN Sustainable Development Goals.

The following action steps were taken:

  • Provide time and resources for the Sustainability Council to achieve its goals

  • Use the Corporate Social Responsibility report and roadmap to develop community understanding of Social and Environmental Responsibility

  • Create more sheltered spaces on campus for outdoor learning, lunch, play and recess

  • Review how we use the IB Learner Profile to develop students as caring, open-minded learners

  • Use the UN Sustainable Development Goals to learn about, reflect on and address issues around sustainability

The new name as of 2022/2023

The title of the strategic impact has shifted from Social and Environmental Responsibility to Sustainability.

Two routes for development have been identified and defined:

We hope you will join us on our journey toward building a better future.

FIS has been on a journey to create a sustainable future for years. We are standing on the shoulders of those who have come before us and seek to pass this paramount task to the next generation of Warriors.

Sustainability has been a priority for many years at FIS. To boost this overall strategic focus the Sustainability Council was convened as a multiple stakeholder group in the 2018-2019 academic year.

Watch the video below to learn more about the work of the council.

The Sustainability Council initially divided their work into five focus areas with council members taking responsibility for specific sectors of school life, working across and within divisions, and involving a diversity of community members.

A mapping exercise was undertaken to connect historical sustainability efforts and student initiatives to the UN Sustainability Goals to provide the FIS community with a clear overview of the work that has already been done, to guide future planning and goal setting in this area.