National Honors SOCIETY of

Brashier middle College

Welcome to the Brashier National Honors Society website

for the 2018-19 school year!

What is the National Honors Society?

In our own words...

"NHS to me is a special opportunity I get to partake in during high school. NHS means something more than just being smart; it means being a Leader. NHS' purpose is to take those who stand out in a crowd and take their skills and use them to help the community around them."

"NHS is an organization for the most dedicated students who care about and value their education as well as their community and the school."

"... a chance to be a leader and a helper."

"The purpose of NHS is to see and fulfill needs in the school."

"NHS' purpose is to provide a space where hard-working students can get together and give back to their school."

"The purpose of NHS is to provide students with the opportunity to serve, become involved with the school, and give back to the community."

"... to improve the community through service but also to encourage academic success."

"NHS means that I get the opportunity to lead and serve my school and community."