Mandy's Pantry

Mandy's Pantry is a volunteer-run site created in partnership with the Evergreen Foundation to help families provide the nutrition needed for good health, family stability, and children's success in school. Our school pantry is anonymous, in-house shopping that provides families with roughly 30 pounds (3-5 days) of nutritious emergency food and toiletries to address weekend and evening hunger when other food supports are not available. The pantry provides fresh produce, frozen meat and vegetables, milk, eggs, grains, canned goods, hygienic products, school supplies and clothing. The Pantry is open to families who live in the Mountain View High School boundary or have students that attend feeder schools. The Pantry typically serves 200 students and 45 low-income families each week.

The Pantry is located in room 108.


  • Students- Tuesday/Thursday 1:20pm - 2pm
  • MV Community- Thursday 3:15pm - 4pm

Shoppers are encouraged to bring their own reusable shopping bags.

Donations accepted for the Pantry during open hours and also in the Mountain View High School Main Office during school hours, Monday - Friday from 7:30am to 3pm.

Mandy’s Pantry is a food pantry at Mountain View High School, named in memory of Mandy Lathim, a 2012 Mountain View graduate who died tragically in an auto accident but who had a dream of starting a food bank at the school while she was a student.

The goal of Mandy’s Pantry is to provide food and necessary items to MVHS students and future MVHS students in an effort to make it easier for them to stay in school and to learn. With the support of the community partners the pantry continues to thrive.

Mandy’s Pantry was initially organized by the Leadership Class and kicked off with a food drive competition against Evergreen High School. The competition brought out the best in MVHS students and an incredible amount of food was donated.

Transition Manager Ben Matthias and the MVHS Leadership program coordinate a distribution system that provides a wide variety of food, clothing and toiletries to over 1,200 individuals in a calendar year. The 850 square foot pantry has a freezer and a double door refrigerator to offer families milks, yogurts, lunch meat, and a wide variety of refrigerated options.

Students and families who could use the help should talk to their counselors or to staff at Mountain View. The pantry not only feeds Mountain View students but eight feeder schools in the evergreen school district. Those schools students and families shop in the pantry every Thursday.

Ongoing support will be provided by The Pantry Project, a program of the Evergreen School District Foundation, which works with SHARE and other community organizations to distribute food and toiletries to the students in need at all five district high schools.

Any donations make a difference. There is a collection bin at the MVHS entrance. Most requested items include, canned soups and meats (ham, chicken, tuna, Vienna sausages), peanut butter, pasta sauce and dried pasta, Easy Mac, canned fruits and vegetables, shelf-stable milk and healthy snacks (granola and cereal bars). Toiletries in high demand include toilet paper, antiperspirant, laundry detergent, disposable razors, soap and shampoo.

Pantry Partners include:

  • SHARE Food Bank-restocking Pantry
  • SHARE Mobile Pantry-providing fresh and frozen items
  • Target-stocking Pantry
  • Panera Bread-weekly food donations
  • Orowheat-Bread donations
  • Dave's Killer Bread
  • Principal's checkbook via Evergreen Foundation-funded refrigerator and freezer
  • National Guard-yearly food drive
  • Local gardeners and private donations

For more information contact Ben Matthias at (360)604-6100 or