What does it mean to be career and college ready?

The time you spend in middle through high school is when you begin to decide who you really are - what you like, what you don't like, and what brings out the best in you. CTE courses help you explore your passions, discover your strengths, and map a course to making your dreams come true. In CTE, you are allowed to explore different careers, learn about the workplace, and cultivate real-world skills that will help you succeed when you graduate - whether your path takes you to college, or directly into a career or trade.

Explore these career pathways while you're in high school!

Prepare for the Real World in CTE

When you complete career and technical education programs, you'll be better prepared to make informed college and career decisions thanks to the real-world experiences you will have in high school.

Career and Technical Education programs offer you:

  • Classes that teach you skills you will need to be successful in work and life after high school.

  • A class in Career and Financial Management that will help you to explore careers, learn about the workplace, and prepare you to manage your own money.

  • Teachers who have worked in their career areas and who hold industry certifications and professional licenses.

  • Opportunities for you to earn industry-recognized certifications that can help you to prepare for internships and jobs while you are still in school.

  • Work-based learning experiences like career mentoring, workplace tours, job shadowing, and internships that will help you build professional skills.

  • You will learn skills such as planning for success, collaboration, problem solving, social awareness and professional attitude.

  • School partnerships that help you meet adults who are working in the careers you are interested in learning more about.

  • Articulation agreements that offer you college credits, advanced standing or reduced tuition in a related college/university program upon graduation.

  • A Career and Technical Education Endorsement on your high school diploma.

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