To inspire and support school communities as they embrace the opportunities and challenges of the next generation

(December 10 2018)


To provide innovation, leadership and services for each member school district so they are successful in reaching their targeted educational goals

(Board Policy Article 1, Section 1B, August 11 2009)


  • Adaptability

  • Innovation

  • Passion

  • Professionalism

(December 10 2018)


  • Staff engage with district personnel at their current level to improve individual and school performance toward agency initiatives.

  • Staff assume and release employment assignments with a growth mindset.

  • Staff actively qualify themselves for new roles and responsibilities.


  • Staff are solution-driven problem solvers.

  • Staff learn about and share evidence-based strategies and technologies that improve results for educators and students.


  • Staff are committed to doing their best work possible.


  • Staff engage in honest, productive and problem-solving dialogue.

  • Staff reflect a positive demeanor in all interactions.

  • Staff work together as a unified team.

  • Staff are accountable for their work—to district and other agency personnel.

Agency Improvement Goal

Develop, document and implement a long-range strategic plan engaging a wide variety of stakeholders to validate and support the mission and vision of ESU #17.