"Research Presentations to Contribute to the SDGs" in Chikaho

地域の未来社会SOUZOUプロジェクト ~ 想像から創造へ ~


Future Society of the Region "SOUZOU (Creation)" Project ~ From Imagination to Creation ~

Bring Your Ambition Out in the City


2022 年 12 月 17 日(土)、12 月 18 日(日)に札幌駅前通地下広場(通称「チカホ」) で、北海道大学に在籍する博士(後期)課程学生が、自身の研究成果を活用し、SDGsに貢献する取組を1枚のポスターで発表していただきます。また、学会や研究会での発表とは異なり、市民や他分野の学生にも理解できるようなポスターを作成し、わかりやすく説明することが求められます。


This project is organized by Institute for the Advancement of Graduate Education, Hokkaido University.

On Saturday, December 17th and Sunday, 18th, 2022, at the Sapporo Ekimae-dori Underground Community Space (札幌駅前通地下広場; commonly known as "Chikaho"), doctoral course students at Hokkaido University will present a poster on their contribute to the SDGs by utilizing their own research activities. Unlike presentations at academic conferences or research meetings, students are required to create posters that are understandable to the public and students from every fields, and to explain their work in an easy-to-understand manner.

Excellent poster presentation will be awarded the "Grand Prize," "Excellence Award," "SDGs Award," and other prizes.


We are looking forward to your application!

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動画提出を可能とします/Recorded video is acceptable for your poster guidance.

























Notification for the student who already applied to the event of “Research Presentations to Contribute to the SDGs" in Chikaho” and who is under consideration of applying the event.

※The detail of the information of “Research Presentations to Contribute to the SDGs" in Chikaho” is described at the following URL.


As we informed previously the application deadline of this event is Friday, 11th November 2022 and some of the applicants asked about the video guidance to own poster because of their absence of the event’s day or giving further explanation by video. Now we are announcing to accept your video guidance, which is additionally guiding your poster, if you want. The length of the video guidance shall be 1~3min.

Your guidance video will be uploaded at university’s YouTube channel and we will give you QR code linked with your video. You can put the QR code in your poster. Also on the event day, occasionally we will show your video on a big screen at the event place.

Showing video is more efficiently approaching to the public and please consider it positively,

We look forward to your positive response!!

Requirement of the video is as follows


・Video making method is as you please, you can use power-point or mobile phone.

・The length of the video is around 1 to 3 min.

・At the beginning of your video, you shall mention your name, graduate school and research theme.

・Acceptable video format is mp4 only. If you prefer to use another video format, please contact us.

・The video quality shall be full HD(FHD) and up.

・In case you make your video in English, please give English subtitle and translated Japanese subtitle text data too.


You shall upload your video into any of cloud service (Google drive etc.,) by yourself and send us the video sharing link by email (daigakuin@academic.hokudai.ac.jp)

Deadline of submission is Friday 18th November 2022.

If you have any question, please contact us


事前登録(申込)令和4年9月1日(木)~11月11日(金) まで 

【Pre-registration Period】Thursday, September 1, 2022 to Friday, November 11, 2022


【Poster Submission Period】Tuesday, November 1 to Friday, November 18, 2022


*Please refer to the application guidelines for details on how to apply.

【募集要項/Application Guidelines


(English)Application Guidelines 

*Students who have been selected for the AMBITIOUS Doctoral Fellowship (SDGs) are must participate unless there is a special reason not to, as it will be regarded as an achievement for the current academic year and evaluated highly in the review for the continuation of funding for the next year.



ポスターフォーマットPoster FormatA
ポスターフォーマットPoster FormatB 
ポスターフォーマットPoster FormatC



Open to all doctoral course students at Hokkaido University.

Below is a flyer for the announcement.

↓↓                                        Please pass it on to those who may be interested.                                         ↓↓