business management honors

Course Description

Business Management Honors: #0738

Grades: 11-12

1.0 Credit: Semester High Weighted Credit

Prerequisite: There is no prerequisite

This course fills the Practical Arts graduation requirement and is a Dual Credit Course with College of DuPage; Business 1100, 3 semester hours.

This is course is designed to articulate the business operations and the functions of a manager: leading, motivating and controlling a team of workers. Students will study current and emerging management techniques being used by business leaders. Students planning on majoring in business or finance will benefit from studying topics including: accounting and finance, marketing, operations management, human resources management and management information systems. This course is a dual credit course. In addition to the high school credit, students enrolled in this course will also receive three semester hours of transferable college credit from the College of DuPage at no cost to them.

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