Derek Cullison, FMS, FNS, USAWStrength and Conditioning CoordinatorEastern Hancock High
Weight Room Rules1.      Safety First2.      Never sacrifice technique for numbers.3.      Weight room CAN NOT be used without adult/coaches supervision4.      Weight belts must be used in designated areas; platforms/squat racks/ multi joint movements.5.      Spotters must be used with free weights6.      Weights, bands, and other equipment must be returned to their designated area after each use. 7.      Proper exercise apparel must be worn at all times; shoes with laces, socks, shorts, sweats, NO SANDALS/ DUDES/ BOAT SHOES.8.      Never wear any type of jewelry while lifting (safety hazard).Any infraction of the rules above will lead to disciplinary action.-Leave your egos at the door and enter with an open mind-
Nutritional Information/ Services
R esearch/ prepare, pre and post workout meals/ snacksO ptimize recovery/ fuel, hydrate, recoverY our limit/ never starve, never too fullA lways include a balance of lean protein and good carbsL oad up on color/ fruits and vegetables S leep/ allows the body to recover and repair
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